Miranda Lambert Perfectly Shut Down A Troll's Comment About Her Marriage

by Candice Jalili
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Listen. I don't know your life. I have no idea how often you're beefing with Instagram trolls hating on your relationship. But, if this is a problem you're dealing with, I highly recommend you take a quick look at Miranda Lambert's Instagram response to a troll's marriage comment for some inspiration.

It all started when Lambert posted a few adorable and totally on-brand videos of herself and her husband, policeman Brendan McLoughlin, outside enjoying what seemed to be literally the perfect summer day. In the first video, McLoughlin is cooking her some fried chicken outside while her new song "Locomotive" plays in the background. And just when you thought things couldn't get more country, the second video shows her doing a little dance holding up a piece of fried chicken with the caption: "Buttermilk fried chicken y'all! Damn right!" I'm so here for it.

She posted the videos on Instagram in a carousel on August 6 along with this caption:

“I’m sweet tea sippin’ on the front porch sittin’ while my hubby fries chicken and I’m pickin’ these straaangs. “ Live performance of my song “Locomotive” airs tonight on ABC at 8/7c. @CMA fest! #locomotive🍗🍺 (Sunday funday music by @timmytychilders )
FYI The New Yorker took to the cast iron skillet just fine! #southern #Texan

It's pretty adorable that her husband decided to whip up a home cooked southern meal for her, even though those aren't necessarily his roots. And it really just looks like the couple had a pretty lovely chill weekend together.

And, after a great weekend like that, why not post something on Instagram to commiserate that lovely memory? Obviously, because haters can find an excuse to hate about anything, someone found a way to be rude AF about her post in the comments section.

You ready for what this rude follower had the nerve to say? They commented, “It won’t last,” in reference to her marriage to McLoughlin. It makes me so upset. Like, can you imagine just enjoying a lovely weekend with your partner and being so happy about it you want to share it on social... only to have a complete stranger hate on your relationship like that?

Well, some people may take hate like that, but Lambert is not here for it. She responded to the comment by saying, “Sure won’t! I’m gonna eat every piece of it! Can’t waste chicken!”

LOL. Dissed and dismissed, amiright?

It was the absolute perfect response for a few reasons. For starters, it's obviously hilarious. Second, it's true because, like, she probably did finish that fried chicken (did you see it? It looked delicious). Finally, she didn't get all defensive. She just turned it into a joke and made it clear she's totally tuning out all of the haters. Sheer perfection.