Milk Makeup's New Glow Oil Will Give Your Cheeks & Lips A Juicy Hydrating Sheen

Milk Makeup

The no makeup makeup look is especially ideal for summer, when super hot sun rays have a tendency to melt off whatever eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, or the like you applied that morning. (Sigh.) And with the upcoming launch of Milk Makeup's Glow Oil, which was just announced today, I'm excited to pare down my makeup routine and perfect a dewy look that's breathable and can stand up to the heat. To boil it down to the basics, the Glow Oil is a hydrating stick that you can use on your cheeks or lips for some sheer color that boasts a playful sheen — but then again, should any beauty product really be boiled down to the basics when it's as good as this new drop? The answer is most definitely no.

As explained in a video by Milk Makeup on Youtube, Glow Oil is a "sheer shimmery tiny for a lit-from-within glow on the go" that "allows you to swipe on a subtle tint while you're out and about" (say that five times fast!). While it might sound like your average lip and cheek tint, of which there are already many on the market, one main asset sets it apart. Made with Rice Bran Oil, which is rich in antioxidants, the product guarantees to leave your skin and pout extra hydrated and healthy after use. A dual purpose tint that also moisturizes and conditions? Um, yes please, sign me up!

The Glow Oil comes in five different shades that are each flecked with a faint shimmer — they're meant to look natural and therefore go on sheer, but they're also buildable if you want to achieve a bolder color.

There's “Halo,” a bubblegum pink shimmer; “Astro,” a deep purple shimmer; “Flare,” a a coral shimmer; “Glimmer,” a mauve shimmer; and “Solar,” a ripe watermelon shimmer. No matter what kind of flush you're looking for, there will definitely be a shade for it.

Each Glow Oil will arrive in mini stick form, which makes them perfect for throwing into your bag to use whenever you're need of a light touchup or punch of juicy color. Milk Makeup has a huge array of stick products, from masks to toners, so if you dig the easy on packaging you should consider taking your entire skincare routine cylindrical.

I'm planning on creating a new, ultra-easy festival beauty look consisting solely of Glow Oil swiped onto my cheeks and lips and a slash of waterproof neon eyeliner over each lid. Minimal, comfy, yet still head-turning.

If you want to receive early access to the Glow Oil — and by early I mean you can buy it today — head to Milk Makeup's website before 5 p.m. EST today to sign up. Otherwise, you'll be able to shop it at regularly starting May 17. Sephora will start carrying it online starting June 3 and it will hit their stores on August 9. Most complex drop ever? Most likely. Worth it? Most definitely.