Miley Cyrus' New "Mother's Daughter" Video Is A Sight To See


Don't f*ck with her freedom. Or anybody else's, for that matter! Miley says so! Miley Cyrus' "Mother's Daughter" music video has officially arrived, and wow, is this quite the video to see. The singer, who is just off the heels of her Glastonbury Music Festival performance, just dropped the music video for the biggest bop from her She Is Coming album released on May 31. This marks the first full music video from the album. Before this release, the only video from She Is Coming was the one-minute "D.R.E.A.M. sequence," which is... a hell of a lot more chill than "Mother's Daughter." But honestly, Miley, I'm living for this.

The video dropped on the morning of July 2. Leading up to the video's premiere, Cyrus was tweeting images from the video that showed off the cast that fans would see featured in the final video. It's a hugely diverse cast that helps the video make a bigger political statement than the lyrics. There are flashes of phrases throughout the video like "Every woman is a riot," "Virginity is a social construct," "Sin is in your eyes," and "Not an object," and it shows amazing, real depictions of women's C-section scars.

The video celebrates the bodily autonomy of all types of people, staunchly saying that we can do whatever we want with them. Wherever you fall on the gender spectrum, Cyrus says in the messaging of this video, your body is your own and it's powerful.

As for Cyrus herself, she wears a red latex bodysuit for most of the video that has a set of metal teeth over her crotch. She's just being Miley.

The video stars Cyrus, Tish Cyrus (her mother), Amazon Ashley, Aaron Philip (a black, transgender, disabled model), Angelina Duplisea (a model), actor Mela Murder, model Vendela, Casil McArthur, Lacey Baker, and more. The video shows all of these people serving ~lewks~ to the camera and owning their power — a main theme of the song. Near the end, Cyrus gives Joan of Arc vibes as she sits on the back of a unicorn dressed in gold armor. Mari Copeny, aka Little Miss Flint, is also dressed as a superhero and featured multiple times throughout the video, because black girls are magic.

It wouldn't truly be a Miley Cyrus music video if there weren't some explicitly sexual imagery. A shot of two rubber nipples rubbing together is a repeated image in the video, and I can already hear the rumblings of conservatives. They're really going to hate it when they see the shots of panty liners shown through mesh panties!

The latter half of the video also shows part of this cast protesting with protest statements painted on their bodies. "My body my rules" is written on one person's back, "I am free" and "riot girl" are statements written on others, and these people are shown struggling with the police as they protest. (The police aren't explicitly seen, but it's implied that that's who is trying to hold the protestors back.)

Basically, this entire video is the most Miley Cyrus thing to ever happen in the best way possible.