Miley Cyrus’ Post On Her 1-Year Wedding Anniversary Is All About Self-Love

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I know it's hard to believe, but it's been a year since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth walked down the aisle and said "I do" in an intimate Nashville ceremony. While the longtime couple subsequently split up eight months later, and the "Can't Be Tamed" singer has gone on to date Kaitlynn Carter and Cody Simpson, she appeared to be taking some much-needed time for herself as she rang in the milestone on Dec. 23. Miley Cyrus' Instagram on her wedding anniversary proves that she's living her best life one year later and keeping the focus on herself as she gets ready to ring in 2020.

On Monday, the singer made self-love a priority as she began the week. In a post shared to her Instagram Story, Cyrus talked about how important staying active was for her physical and mental health. Alongside a selfie of her wearing a sports bra and sweatpants at a Pilates studio, she wrote, "Been seeing a lot of posts about self-love and care during Christmas! I think it is super important for everyone to truly enjoy themselves this holiday season!"

"Take time off, relax, enjoy warm meals, indulge in the sweets we usually try to stay away from but alsooooooo KEEP MOVING! Even if it’s for 15-20 minutes a day! Something is better than nothing!" she continued. "Movement is an important ingredient to self-love/care!"

Cyrus then detailed how she was integrating movement into her routine, writing, "Today I did a light round of Pilates just to release some healthy endorphins and I felt super positive and lifted right after my practice! Maybe some yoga with my big sister later (after the big dinner I’m having w my mama and papa tonight)."

Instagram/Miley Cyrus

Her post comes just as she and Hemsworth reportedly finalized their divorce settlement and filed court documents on Tuesday, according to TMZ. I wouldn't blame her for being a little in her feels right now, but it looks like she's redirecting that energy towards being active and focusing on herself this holiday season.

While Cyrus didn't mention her estranged husband or her current boyfriend Simpson, she did hint that she was missing a special someone a few days earlier. The star has been dealing with plenty of drama over the last couple of days, including rumors that her Aussie beau was cheated on her in New York. He's since denied the allegation. Reps for Simpson and Cyrus did not return Elite Daily's previous request for comment. Cyrus appeared to hint that he was on her mind as she shared a song she had written a few Christmases ago.

"A sad Christmas song I wrote a few years back right before the holidays," she wrote on Twitter. "Was feeling like sh*t cause I couldn’t be with the one I loved. Even with a house full of family and friends I still felt alone in ways that still feels relevant and someone reading this right now could possibly relate!"

However, just like her self-love post, Cyrus ended her tweets on a positive note about self-sufficiency. "If you feel lonely this season just know YOU ARE COMPLETELY MADE OF MAGIC! You are as special as a snowflake, beautifully unique and I hope inside your soul feels light, hope, peach, and joy knowing how singularly amazing YOU are!" she concluded. "Love always wins!"

There's no telling where she currently stands with Simpson, but it looks like Cyrus is ready to put her past behind her and focus on herself and more moments of self-care as she moves in 2020.