Miley Cyrus Gave Cody Simpson A Buzz Cut & The Result Is... Not Bad?

Although countless hairdressers have pleaded with people not to give themselves quarantine haircuts, sometimes, you just can’t stop someone. That’s exactly what some fans saw when Miley Cyrus gave Cody Simpson a buzz cut on Instagram on Thursday, April 2. Turns out, this new ‘do was also for a good cause.

The couple has been dating since at least October 3, 2019, when they were first spotted kissing. Since then, the pair has become notorious for their hot-and-heavy social media interactions and posts, but this time, the couple’s shenanigans were PG. Although the rumor mill is constantly a buzz with gossip that they’ve broken up, Cyrus and Simpson instead proved gossipers wrong in a pretty dramatic way: by getting rid of Simpson’s floppy blond hair together.

In the Instagram video, you can see Cyrus hard at work trying to make the buzz as clean as possible – although a friend steps in at the end to sharpen the edges. The time-lapsed video is set to the song “Buzzin” by Shwayze, which has the apt line, “She was buzzing all over me.” For his haircut, Simpson is shirtless and sipping on a beer, which seems like the best way to get any haircut.

The whole thing all started when Simpson teased fans on Instagram with the question, “Should I buzz it?” 4Oceans, a company that collects a pound of trash from the ocean for every bracelet they sell and a brand Simpson’s worked with before, commented, “Buzz it for a good cause?” And, he did. He also used the hashtag #CleanCutsForCleanOceans to get the ball rolling for others. Believe it or not, Simpson is a long-time environmental activist and has been named the first Ocean Advocate for the United Nations, so his willingness to lop off his hair for the cause isn’t too surprising.

After getting his cut, Simpson showed off his new look on Cyrus’ quarantine talk show Bright Minded. Although the couple interviewed from different places, I can only think they’re still in the same house, assuming the two are quarantining together. Along with the new ‘do and plenty of “babe”s, Simpson left Cyrus flustered after he read a sexy poem inspired by the singer, in case you needed more couple content from the pair. As we are only at the beginning of social distancing with more quarantine to come, it’s time to place bets on who will be the next celeb to cut their own hair.