Miley Cyrus' 2019 Grammys Suit Is Totally Unexpected & Totally Perfect

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Turns out, she can be tamed — Miley Cyrus’ 2019 Grammys look was unlike a lot of her... rather kooky red-carpet looks, but that doesn't mean it wasn't just as awe-inducing. Over the years, Cyrus has sported some seriously wild red-carpet outfits, including her 2015 VMAs outfit (you know, the one with all the straps and... not much else) and her punk-themed look at the Met Gala in 2013.

Fans will say that “she’s just bein’ Miley” (and be Miley, she deserves to!) but maybe she was also missing her at-the-time-ex-boyfriend but now-husband, Liam Hemsworth. If you remember correctly, Cyrus had a rocky relationship with longtime boo Hemsworth in the early days of their relationship. The pair met on the set of The Last Song in June 2009, and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you really need to. Not necessarily because it’s the greatest love story of all time, but because you can palpably feel their real-life spark through the TV screen.

August 2010 marked their first of multiple breakups over the next nine years, with two engagements happening in between. It's true, nothing breaks like a heart, but Cyrus’ was mended this year when she wed Hemsworth in a super intimate ceremony on Christmas Eve in December 2018. Her wedding dress was as simple as could be, and when I first saw it, I barely recognized the woman who once sang about getting in line for the bathroom to try and get a line in the bathroom.

Needless to say, Cyrus' 2019 Grammys look turns over a new leaf in her style game, and I could not be more here for it.

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Oh, and Cyrus’ look at this year’s Grammys still had a different kind of wow-factor for sure. From her long, tousled locks, to the deep v-cut neckline of her oversized black Mugler blazer, to the flared black trousers, her look in general was definitely a banger. In addition to the super plunging neckline, the black blazer boasted thick lapels, a baggy fit, and slightly bunched up sleeves. Cyrus paired the blazer with black cropped, flared pants.

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Her makeup, hair, and accessories perfectly complemented her black menswear-inspired suit. The singer wore black strappy heels with gold embellishments, and she sported very large diamond earrings and lots and lots of silver rings poking out from underneath her super baggy sleeves. As for her earrings, Cyrus paired her large hanging diamonds with stacks of small silver hoops lining her ear along the cartilage.

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Of course, we can't sleep on Cyrus' Grammys glam, because it's too damn good. Cyrus wore her long, honey blonde locks in loose waves and swept to the side, so all eyes could be on those diamond earrings. For makeup, the singer went with a neutral beat, wearing a nude shimmery eyeshadow, a peachy pink gloss, simple winged liner, and glowing skin, of course..

Seeing as her red carpet look is undeniably chic, I definitely can't wait to see what she decides to rock for her Grammys performances.