Jimym Fallon in Michelob Ultra’s 2020 Super Bowl ad

Jimmy Fallon Is All Of Us Trying To Work Out With John Cena In This Super Bowl Ad

Michelob Ultra

Let's be honest, Super Bowl Sunday has a lot of perks: great competition, fun snacks, an excuse to hang out with friends, and — perhaps most importantly — the commercials between all the sports action. While some are heartfelt, others play into the lighter side of things, and Michelob Ultra’s 2020 Super Bowl ad is definitely one of the comedic standouts thus far from the lineup. Featuring late-night legend Jimmy Fallon and WWE wrestling star John Cena, it'll have you laughing out loud because, honestly, it's relatable AF.

Michelob Ultra released the full one-minute ad on Jan. 28, giving viewers a few days to chuckle at it before it actually airs during the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. The commercial features Cena leading Fallon in a variety of exercises in an attempt to show him how working out can actually be fun. After Fallon hilariously lets a kettlebell slip from his hands and propel through a window, Cena takes measures into his own hands, and bringing his buddy outside for a variety of creative workouts.

At first, Fallon struggles keeping up with Cena, which is hilarious in itself — I mean, who hasn't thought they were going to collapse mid-run? But eventually Cena learns to make things fun for Jimmy by bringing silly games, robotic football props, and star athletes into the picture.

They pass Usain Bolt on the track, hit golf balls at giant targets with Brooks Koepka, and play volleyball on trampolines with superstar player Kerri Walsh Jennings. Oh, and Fallon's beloved band The Roots also shows up to play some workout tracks for them.

If you're wondering why these two apparently dissimilar men work so well together in this commercial, it's because this actually isn't the first time these hilarious guys have doing something together. Cena has been on Fallon's The Tonight Show many times, where he guest-starred in Fallon's famed Ew! skit and played games like Box of Lies.

With their latest collaboration for Michelob Ultr, Fallon and Cena just might serve as some source of inspiration for some to spice up their workout regimens. However, if you think finding trampolines on the beach miiight be a tad unrealistic, you could just settle for laughing at their antics from the comfort of your couch.