Jennifer Lopez is headlining the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show

Here's What Time You Should Settle In To Watch The Super Bowl Halftime Show

by Ani Bundel
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

For some viewers, the Super Bowl is the biggest sports night of the year. But for others, football may be the reason for the season, but it's not why they tune in. From the commercials to the musical acts, the Super Bowl is packed with a whole lot of entertainment, with odd little breaks when a bunch of dudes in helmets crash into each other over yellow flags. So, for those who only care about the music, the real question is, what time is the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show? Though there's not a precise answer, one can estimate when to tune in.

The good news is, this year's halftime show has a fantastic lineup. Jennifer Lopez, who is on a super hot streak, will perform, co-headlining with Shakira for what's shaping up to be a Latin-inspired music fest. With the game being held in Miami, they are an ideal pair of artists to bring the mid-point entertainment.

Lopez said in a statement:

Ever since I saw Diana Ross fly off into the sky at the halftime show, I dreamed of performing at the Super Bowl. Now it's made even more special not only because it's the NFL's 100th anniversary, but also because I am performing with a fellow Latina. I can't wait to show what us girls can do on the world's biggest stage.

It's hard to say precisely when anything happens with the Super Bowl, other than kickoff. The problem with timing the Super Bowl is the game itself. Technically, a football game lasts 60 minutes, with four 15-minute quarters. In reality, it runs somewhere on the order of three to four hours, all told, once penalties, time outs, commercials, and everything else gets factored in.

The halftime show occurs after the second quarter, typically a little less than halfway through the Super Bowl's blocked-out four-hour runtime. If one assumes the game runs three and a half hours, with the last thirty minutes being taken up by the the presentation of trophies, then the first half should run one hour and 45 minutes. By that logic, a game in which kickoff starts at 6:30 p.m. ET should have its halftime at 8:15 p.m. ET.

Of course, anyone who has ever tuned in to Monday Night Football to catch a Star Wars trailer knows this is not an exact science. The last two minutes of a game's half can run long, as the team in possession tries to score against the clock. The best thing to do if you're tuning in just for the halftime show is to turn on the TV around 8:10 p.m. ET and settle in. The show might start in five minutes, or 15. Either way, it will be worth the wait.

Super Bowl LIV airs on Sunday, Feb. 2, on Fox.