Michelle Obama Shared The Sweetest Post About Her Daughters For Mother's Day

by Chelsea Stewart
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Mother's Day is coming up, and the emotional posts are pouring out. First lady Michelle Obama is one of many opening up ahead of the holiday, sharing a sweet reflection on her parenting journey that will absolutely, most definitely have you in your feelings. Heck, Michelle Obama's Mother's Day 2019 Instagram about Sasha and Malia might even inspire you.

The world has watched Obama and her daughters laugh together, grow together, share advice with each other and more for years, but nothing really captures their bond like this. Celebrating Mother's Day two days early via Instagram on Friday, May 10, Obama showed a lot of love for her daughters, reflecting on some precious moments they've spent together. But she also spread her gratitude to her mother, who she said helped her develop key parenting skills, such as "the freedom to explore and develop into [her] own person."

“For instance, even though we didn’t have much money, she and my dad cobbled enough money together to send me on a high-school trip to Paris, which opened up the world to me in so many ways," Obama wrote. She went on to say that she made it a priority to pass on those lessons to her daughters, with whom she's traveled "across the country and around the world." The post said:

I’ve been so fortunate to be able to travel with Sasha and Malia all across the country and around the world—experiences my mother never would have dreamed of back when I was their age. But though the settings may be different, the message is the same, and it’s one I hope mothers everywhere pass on to their daughters—in seeking out new perspectives and reaching outside of our comfort zones, we can discover more about ourselves.

Aw! Closing the post is warm photo of Obama, Sasha, and Malia on vacation in Venice, Italy.

OK, seriously — how sweet is that? Aside from this adorable pic, Obama's comments seem to be spot-on, IMO. There's nothing like a good travel experience to bring people together and create lifelong memories, and it's even more special when you get to do it with the ones you love most.

Her hubby, President Barack Obama, has also opened up about the importance of traveling. During a recent summit on March 31, Obama shared he thinks traveling is good for growth. He said:

I am somebody who believes in bringing people together instead of separating them into groups of us against them ... Travel also reminds us of what we share and what we have in common and what things we share with each other. If you are wandering through a small village in Kenya and you see a mother and child playing and laughing, then you realize it's not that much different than a mother and child in Hawaii or Virginia.

Obama added, "There is something spectacular about seeing a new place, being exposed to new ideas and experiencing a new culture. Traveling makes you grow."

Well said.

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Fingers crossed that they continue to share their travel journeys and life experiences with us along the way. In the meantime, here's wishing Mrs. Obama (and all you moms out there) a happy Mother's Day.