Mercury, Venus, & Jupiter Are All In Scorpio Right Now & It's A True Vibe

Can you sense that something ~spooky~ is in the air? Have your thoughts been diving deep into dark territory? Is your heart being consumed with passion? Make no mistake: Although it may technically be Libra season, Scorpio has been infiltrating the cosmos with its mysterious force for quite some time now. In fact, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are all in Scorpio right now, and the energy is beyond thick. Can't you just feel your inner phoenix going through a continual process of death and rebirth?

After all, when three or more planets are in the same sign, the cosmos present something devastatingly magical: a "stellium." In astrology, a stellium denotes an overwhelming level of power from one specific zodiac sign or astrological house. If there is a stellium in your birth chart, it means that you contain an immense source of focused power. On the other hand, this power can also potentially weigh you down, as it may be difficult to see beyond its tight perspective. As you can imagine, babies born during this time will be gifted with Scorpio's dark, mystical, and downright lethal proclivities. However, we're just as affected by the passing stellium as they are, although it'll just be temporary for us. But, even though the Scorpio intensity is transient, this zodiac sign has the capacity to leave its mark on you forever.

Mercury In Scorpio: Dark And Secretive Conversations

In astrology, Mercury rules over cognitive function, day-to-day expression, and the way that your mind processes information. The zodiac sign that Mercury is in can change everything about your perspective, regardless of the way that other planets are functioning. After all, it does rule over the mind, and when Mercury is in obsessive, darkened, and elicit Scorpio, your thoughts will float towards forbidden places.

Prepare to delve into deep and intense conversations, where you'll create an even stronger and more impenetrable trust with someone than ever before. When Mercury is in Scorpio, there is a tendency to forge secrets, turn away from the light, and embrace the truth of your unconscious mind. Feeling comforted by taboo topics, its analysis is striking, its determination is ruthless, and there is no shadow too dark to for Scorpio to travel though.

Jupiter In Scorpio: Gloomy And Overwhelming Emotion

Jupiter is the planet of luck, expansion, higher learning, and of course, adventure. The sign that Jupiter is in dictates the shade of prosperity the cosmos are raining down on the world. Always searching for purpose and journeying towards brighter horizons, those horizons are rendered much darker when Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Because Scorpio is so concerned with the heart's deepest intensity, Jupiter wants to expand upon your innermost desires and reveal the most sensitive aspects of your emotions. Concepts such as death, sex, and mystery invade your world, and although Jupiter may be a naturally optimistic sign, Scorpio's natural pessimism may comfort you even more than artificial smiles. Since Scorpio is also the sign of reincarnation while Jupiter's ultimate aim is to bring light to your world, this transit is bound to show you just what you need in order to heal.

Venus Retrograde In Scorpio: Deep And Toxic Temptation

There is no planet more romantic than Venus. In astrology, it rules over love, friendship, affection, and even money. However, while this planet often conjures feelings of adoration, it can turn around and show you its sting just as easily. Because Venus is in retrograde while it's in Scorpio, you may just find out what its venom tastes like.

The danger of Venus is how tempting it can be, especially when it's not functioning gracefully through its astrological orbit. You may find yourself aching to fall back into an ex's arms or fall back into toxic love patterns. Because Scorpio can be obsessive and jealous in a low-functioning relationship, Venus retrograde can bring these feelings to light. However, Venus retrograde in Scorpio is also an opportunity to reflect on how deep your heart runs and learn what you need in order to feel truly loved.