We're About To Be A Lot Nicer To Each Other Thanks To Mercury In Pisces, Here's Why

All you sensitive souls out there are about to be feel totally seen when Mercury in Pisces 2018 transits on Feb. 17, 2018. We've been trudging through the long and hard winter months while Mercury moved through Capricorn and Aquarius. These signs can make it seem like your heart is frozen in place, barren and dry without the necessary moisture of emotion. If you're ready for that ice to thaw already, you've got a lot to look forward to when Pisces melts everyone's apathy with a good dose of warmth.

When Mercury transits through Pisces, everyone's barriers become easier to penetrate. Our sharpness is softened, our perspectives are brightened, and our imaginations are juiced up with so many wonderful ideas that it's hard to keep up with them all.

This will also be a triple Pisces whammy: The sun moves through Pisces on Feb. 18 and Venus has been in Pisces since Feb. 10. It's when Pisces season arrives that we begin to feel the iridescent vibrations of spring time tickling our skin like tiny waves washing our feet on the beach. It's a time of romance, daydreaming, fierce empathy, and feeling so many different things at once. With your heart so full, you'll feel like you're flying, even though gravity is keeping your feet firmly planted on the earth. Mercury in Pisces will help you find the right words to explain that.

Reach Out To People

When Mercury transits through Pisces, it becomes a lot easier to empathize with others, even if they're people you don't normally get along with. Suddenly, your wretched co-worker doesn't seem as bad as you thought they were. You see your sister-in-law, the one you always butt heads with, in a softer light. Hell, you might even hope your ex is doing well! No matter how contrasting your personalities may be, you see their humanity, their vulnerability, and you realize they're not so different from you after all.

This is a powerful time where our hard exteriors dissolve, only to be replaced by clear glass. We see each other. We understand each other. Emotions are universal and they speak a different language than we normally do. During Mercury in Pisces, we become fluent in the language of emotions.

Take advantage of your malleability and attempt to grow closer to someone you thought would always be distant from you. You'll be gratified by the results.

Express Your Imagination

Your imagination will be sparkling in such vivid colors, you won't be able to tell the difference between what's real and what's not. You tap into the uncharted waters of your psyche during Mercury in Pisces, prying open a tightly sealed chest full of magical ideas you never realized you had. Express them! Talk about them. Journal about them. Paint them. Manifest these ideas into something tangible. Enroll in a class that only expands them into something even bigger.

Your mind and your soul are communicating with each other way more clearly than usual. Mercury in Pisces pulls back the veil on your hidden strengths. Don't let fear hold you back from diving deep into your passions. Don't miss this opportunity to articulate your soul's most poignant ideas.

Get In Touch With Your Spirituality

All winter long, your spirit nuzzled itself deep into your core, hibernating. When Mercury moves through Pisces, your soul is reawakened, moving closer to the surface of your skin. This will make your heart porous, absorbing everything it touches, both good and bad. You'll feel everything far more deeply and this depth will permeate your words with a whole lot of honesty. This honesty could get you into trouble if you're not careful, especially if you've been surrounded by too many negative vibes.

To balance out the toxic feelings you might catch during this sensitive time, it's vital that you commit to a spiritually cleansing routine. This could mean doing yoga every morning, meditating with your crystals before bed, getting a whiff of your favorite essential oils throughout the day, or reading a calming book. Whatever feels spiritually centering for you, make sure you set aside time to do it every day.

Remember that your emotions are be on overdrive during Mercury in Pisces. If feelings are something you don't usually know what to do with, combing through them with patience and care will transform your experience into a beneficial one.