Here's What You Can Expect With Mercury In Leo

by Valerie Mesa
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Mercury the messenger is back at it, except this time, he's playing mind games via the flamboyant sign of Leo. Cat caught your tongue? This astro transit reminds me of Katy Perry's hit single "Roar," so don't be afraid to be the champion that you are. Mercury In Leo 2019 has a lot more pros than cons, but before you get your hopes up, I have a confession to make: Mercury, the mischievous messenger God, will station retrograde on July 7 through July 31. So if you think Mercury in Leo is extra, just wait until you get a dose of this retrograde!

This is nothing to worry about, typically because you expect the worst from Mercury retrograde cycles, given their notorious reputation, but you have to keep in mind the bigger picture. Mercury retrograde doesn't mean the messenger planet is moving backwards. According to, this occurs when Mercury passes the earth in its orbit, and as it slows down, it creates an optical illusion, similar to two trains passing each other, which makes it seem like Mercury is moving backwards.

Mercury rules all things related to communication, cognitive functioning, commerce, technology, and transportation, and with the messenger planet unable to work at its maximum potential, it's no wonder you'll experience so many tech glitches and petty misunderstandings with Mercury retrograde. Everyone feels the effects of Mercury retrograde one way or another. I'll never forget the day I drove all the way to work before realizing I had left my laptop at home. Was it bad luck? Nope, just your typical Mercury retrograde. Though this time around, the Mercury retrograde theme changes due to the sign it's occupying.

Mercury In Leo: June 26 - July 19, 2019 And Aug. 11 - 29, 2019

In Leo, Mercury's exchanges are loud and proud. If you're familiar with this zodiac sign, you'll know Leos put their hearts into every single thing they do, and Mercury in Leo is no different. Authenticity is key during this astrological transit, so don't be afraid to hog the spotlight.

When Mercury is in flamboyant Leo, self-expression is the priority. The animation within your conversations will become a source of entertainment, and the fiery enthusiasm is incredibly contagious. Leo is totally confident, so the fiery charisma is inevitable during this time.

Mercury in Leo gives the whole world an opportunity to shine. So if you've been avoiding a certain topic of conversation or a public speaking opportunity, let Mercury in Leo do the talking. This can be a highly creative time, too. So go ahead and ask the messenger to be your muse.

Mercury Retrograde In Leo: July 7 - 19, 2019

Dramatic is an understatement for Mercury retrograde in Leo, but the cosmos would never give you more than you can handle. If you think Mercury retrograde brings the drama, you haven't seen anything yet. When Mercury retrogrades through this cinematic fire sign, the Leo tantrums are turned up a notch... or two.

With Mercury slowing down, this only emphasizes the essence of the sign it's traveling through. So while Leo basks in the thought of being the center of attention, this retrograde could also serve as an instigator of sorts, especially when it involves the ego. Mercury Retrograde in Leo can easily make your temper flare, given the lion's overbearing pride, so make sure to avoid petty arguments during this time. Instead, use this time wisely to tap into your creative muse and inner child. This is an excellent time for playful encounters and creative brainstorming. Use your words to spread love and light to the rest of the world.

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