Melania Trump Celebrated Barron's Birthday With The Sweetest Message

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sometimes famous people are really just like us. There's no better illustration of that than when it comes to social media. OK, so maybe my mom doesn't wish me a happy birthday on Instagram (thanks a lot mother), but plenty of moms do, even the first mom. Melania Trump's Instagram for Barron Trump' birthday is so sweet. It's all the same — well, you know, except for the millions of followers.

Isn't it nice when your friends and family shower you with love an affection for the world to see one day a year? Well, the first lady sure thinks so. Trump usually posts photos of goings on in the White House that often feature her husband, President Donald Trump, or her work with her "Be Best" initiative aimed at helping children. But, on Wednesday, March 20, she posted a picture to her Instagram account wishing her son, Barron, a happy birthday. The photo was of gold balloons, a one and a three, for what I can only assume is his 13th birthday. TBH I almost missed the point entirely, because I thought it was just another influencer trying to follower-shame me. Luckily, I read the caption, "Happy Birthday BWT," aka Barron William Trump. She also added a little heart emoji. Aww.

Unlike his siblings, Barron isn't in the spotlight all that often, but he does come up in his mother's work with children. Trump's "Be Best" initiative, that she's taken on as first lady, is directly aimed at the overall betterment of children — which she believes can be reached by tackling three main issues: well-being, the opioid crisis, and social media. At the beginning of March, Trump spoke at a series of Town Hall meetings to talk to parents about the opioid crisis and how to educate their kids about the dangers of drug abuse. During a March 6 meeting in Las Vegas — hosted by former Fox News host Eric Bolling, who lost his son to an overdose in 2017 — Trump told the crowd that she talks to Barron about the dangers of drug use, according to People. She said,

I teach him. I try to explain how drugs are dangerous and it will mess up your head, it will mess up your body and nothing comes positive out of it.

Helping children is something the first lady really cares about, she even made it the focus of her 2019 Valentine's Day tweet. On Feb. 14, Trump shared a collage of photos of her hanging out with some kids at The Children's Inn, a private, nonprofit residence for those children and their families participating in pediatric research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The rooms in the pictures were all decked out with stuffed animals and hearts, and Trump sported a powder pink suit — very on-brand for Valentine's Day. In the tweet, Trump wrote about her day with "such sweet valentines." She wrote,

Loved sharing an afternoon with such sweet valentines! Your bravery, strength, and love is amazing. Thank you to the @TheChildrensInn and @NIH for the lifesaving work you are doing! #HappyValentinesDay

Clearly Trump enjoys spending time with children, and it's nice to see that Barron also gets a sweet spot on her social feeds. Happy Birthday, B.