Melania Trump Is Getting Her Own Wax Figure & There's No Way This Is A Bad Idea

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Celebrities and public figures have become immortalized at the infamous Madame Tussauds wax museums for years and years. And the latest addition to the museum's New York City location is none other than the first lady herself. Melania Trump is getting her own wax figure, and honestly there's no way that this is a bad idea. Not at all.

Trump's figure is expected to be unveiled at the Times Square outpost of this world-renowned museum chain on Wednesday, April 25, according to The Hill. This will be the first wax figure of our current first lady to hit a Madame Tussauds location in the United States. President Donald Trump already has two wax figures in the country, one that resides in the Times Square museum and the other at the Washington D.C. location, where it is a part of a "U.S. Presidents" exhibit that features figures of every president in U.S. history. And who will be unveiling the figure in New York? None other than former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

It's actually pretty exiting to have the first lady featured at a wax museum. But some Twitter users reacting to this news were a tiny bit skeptical of the necessity for this new addition to Madame Tussauds. Given that the first lady has something of a reputation for stoicism and photo ops frequently show her standing silently beside her husband... well, Twitter had some thoughts.

Some particularly imaginative Twitter users also speculate that this wax figure is part of an elaborate plan to smuggle the first lady out of the White House without anyone noticing. Too crazy too be true, or crazy enough to be true? You be the judge.

Trump's body language has been widely analyzed since she assumed her role at the White House, and is often characterized as stoic and controlled. In an interview with Elite Daily from earlier this year, body language expert Susan Constantine described Trump as "so into herself, and her presentation of self, that she lacks authenticity, genuineness. She almost appears to be untouchable." Constantine also added in her analysis of the first lady, saying,

Her way of staying in control is, 'I am going to control all of my movements and my gesturing and facial expressions so that it's going to be really hard for anybody to read into it.'

What might that description remind you of? Hm.

You might also be asking yourself why Trump's new figure won't be placed closer to her current home on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the nation's capital. I mean, it does seem to make sense to have a figure of the first lady in the museum location where most of her time is spent, right?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Well, you might think differently after hearing the title of the exhibit that Trump's figure will be featured in. According to a TMZ report, the first lady's replica will be a part of the interactive "Give Melania a Voice" exhibit, which will allow visitors to tweet as "Melania" from a Twitter account specifically made for the wax version of the first lady. I don't see how there's anything that can go wrong with that idea.

It's the first wax figure of Melania Trump, but she's not the first first lady to be so honored. In addition to the collection of presidential wax figures at the Washington D.C. Madame Tussauds, there is also a first ladies exhibit at that location as well. The museum invites its visitors to meet "America’s most popular First Ladies," which include Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Jackie Kennedy to name a few. But the current first lady is not part of that exhibit, and instead will be displayed in New York.

Whatever the overall message of this Trump exhibit will be won't be known until it's unveiled. And whatever it is, I'll still be happy to see the first lady finally get a wax figure of her own.