Meghan Markle Uses This $13 Natural Wonder To Grow Her Eyebrows Back & You Can Too

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Meghan Markle is the world's new go-to celebrity for all things fashion and beauty — she's marrying a prince after all, so she must have some tricks up her sleeve. Meghan Markle's beauty routine is just as intricate as mine, because that's how real she is. Markle even rehabbed her over-plucked early '00s eyebrows — and you can do the same with her secrets.

If you're someone who isn't still suffering from the repercussions of the early '00s trend of razor thin eyebrows, consider yourself lucky. I over-plucked mine and, if left to their own devices, they grow in all the wrong places. There is hardly an arch, the tail end is practically nonexistent, and stray hairs show up miles away from where a brow hair should be. I tested one of the latest beauty trends and got my eyebrows microbladed, but Markle managed to remedy hers without the use of needles.

Markle wasn't always a royal-in-waiting and just like the rest of us, she succumbed to the early aughts trend of barely-there eyebrows that we all know and hate. What's an almost-princess to do now that she has her prince and must look the part? Markle visits a royal family-approved brow salon in the UK for her eyebrow rehab and upkeep, but I've got all the details on how to get her look, no passport required, and I'm ready to spill the baked beans.


Markle was born just like the rest of us, with eyebrows fit for a young girl but that would need a tune up down the road.


Markle was doing OK in 2000, she was in her early 20s and her eyebrows here are un-newsworthy, in a good way.


Markle celebrated her college graduation in 2003 but it was not such a kind time for her brows (check out the photos here). What a difference three years can make — they are wildly over-plucked and don't properly frame her wonderful face.


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Skip to 2009 and Markle has done her homework. She'd clearly been working on letting her brows grow back and while they're still a bit on the thin side, I give her an A for effort.


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2010 Markle is still working on brow re-growth.


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Fast forward to summer 2016 and Markle's eyebrows are on fleek. This is also around the time that Markle first started dating Prince Harry, which is why I think it's no concidence that Markle gets her eyebrows done in London, at Nails & Brows salon.

"Meghan Markle's neat, full brows are likely to become inspiration for many salon-goers...But where does Meghan get her brow inspiration from?" Nails & Brows salon took advantage of Markle's newfound global fame to show her fans how to get her exact style of brows.

"The answer is Audrey Hepburn. Sherrille Riley founder of Nails & Brows Mayfair invented the style and named it #theaudreybrow. You really can't go wrong with 'The Audrey.' 'Why does it work so well on Meghan's face?' You'll notice that her brows are straight and archless, lifting slightly upwards towards the end of her brows. This helps to lift her eyes whilst balancing her features says Riley," the salon posted on its Instagram.

See the brow-semblance?

The Audrey Brow will set you back about $65 (£48) if you can get to Markle's salon, but Riley also shares how to DIY the look, starting with achieving what she calls virgin brows: "brows that appear to have never been touched; they look and feel natural with hairs brushed upwards to open the eye area and lift your face, giving it a fresh look."

  1. Boost hair growth by applying castor oil (iQ Natural Castor Oil; $13) directly on the brow — this will stimulate the hairs, allowing them to grow faster and thicker.
  2. Use pencils and powders only to achieve the virgin look. The brand Anastasia Beverly Hills (Brow Powder Duo; $23) has a wide selection of brow powders and they are very good, but pencils are much more precise — professionals tend to prefer pencils (Brow Wiz; $21). Avoid at-home tint treatments as they often appear too unnatural and brassy for this look.
  3. Style your virgin brow by brushing upwards using a spoolie (brow brush) or an old toothbrush; this is so that you can see the shape of the brow properly (E.L.F Eyebrow Duo Brush; $3).
  4. Gradually start filling in the hairs using soft strokes, mimicking the direction the hair grows. The front of your brows tends to grow upwards while the rest of them tend to grow outwards. Once they have been filled in, use a spoolie to brush them through — this is important so you don’t get a build-up of product

Riley also recommends Tweezerman Slant Tweezers for upkeep ($23; tweezerman).

Meghan, is that you?