Meghan Markle's Baby Shower Guest List Is So Star-Studded, So That's Why I Wasn't Invited

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend a royal baby shower? Well, Meghan Markle just gave fans a glimpse of what it’s like and, let me tell you, she did not disappoint. The Duchess of Sussex recently flew into New York to have a star-studded baby shower with her U.S.-based friends. If you guessed that Meghan Markle’s baby shower guest list would be full of all your favorite stars, you’d be 100 percent correct!

So, what kind of names are we talking here? Well, according to Just Jared, people like Amal Clooney, Serena Williams, Gayle King, and Abigail Spencer were all there. Meghan’s good friend Jessica Mulroney also attended as well as her makeup artist Daniel Martin. Basically, Meghan had all her closest pals with her to celebrate, which is really sweet!

According to People, there was a cotton candy machine on hand, so all of Meghan’s friends could have as much sweet stuff as they wanted. I wonder what color the cotton candy was? Pink? Blue? Could its presence at the baby shower have had anything to do with revealing the baby’s sex? Maybe it had nothing to do with that at all! Either way, I’m sure all of Meghan’s closest pals enjoyed the cotton candy.

Meghan’s been known to treat her friends whenever possible, so this isn’t unusual for her. In a Feb. 10 report from People, some of Meghan’s friends and closest associates revealed some lesser known truths about her. Apparently, she loves to share sweet treats with her pals.

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“She would always do spirit boosters for the crew on-set — for example, having gourmet burgers delivered. It’s the same stuff she does with her office at [Kensington Palace] now. I came by there one day, and she had ordered an incredible ice-cream and sorbet stand for the office. They were remarking how it was the ‘best day of work ever.’ It warmed my heart to see her just continuing to be her and bring her style to the U.K.,” an unnamed co-star revealed to the magazine.

So, all this cotton candy and baby shower stuff seems par for the course when it comes to Duchess Meghan. And you know what? It only highlights how totally normal she is despite being actual royalty.

Unfortunately for Meghan, though, not all her friends could make it to the baby shower. One of her besties, Priyanka Chopra, was missing from all the fun, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that!

Back in October 2018, Chopra opened up about how excited she is that Meghan is going to be a mom. “I would, as a friend, just say that I’m really excited for her,” Chopra said at the time. “I think this is a new phase in every woman’s life and I hope hers is as amazing as she wants it to be.”

So, at the very least, Chopra probably sent her love to Meghan even though she didn’t partake in all the fun baby shower festivities. All in all, though, it seems like Meghan and all her friends had a great time.