Meghan Markle Reportedly Made History Voting In The U.S. Election

Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection/Getty Images

Among the many celebrities and public figures to publicly urge fans and followers to vote in the 2020 presidential election was the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. In what could be a historic event, Markle reportedly voted in the 2020 election, according to People, which would make her the modern royal family's first member to cast a ballot in a presidential election in the United States. Elite Daily reached out to representatives for Markle to confirm whether or not she did, in fact, vote in the election but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Most recently, a source claimed to People that the Duchess of Sussex "is voting in this election," although it was unclear to the source if she voted by mail or in person. Another source claimed to the publication that both Markle and Prince Harry "have taken a keen interest in this election" and "are eagerly awaiting the outcome." Aren't we all, really?

For quite some time leading up to what has already proved to be a monumental election, Markle has consistently urged U.S. citizens to vote in a number of (virtual) appearances. The couple appeared in a Sept. 23 airing of the 2020 Time 100 on ABC and stressed to viewers why casting your vote if you're eligible is crucial. "Every four years we are told the same thing, that this is the most important election of our lifetime,” Markle said. “But this one is. When we vote, our values are put into action and our voices are heard. Your voice is a reminder that you matter, because you do and you deserve to be heard.”


Earlier in 2020, Markle teamed up with renowned feminist and activist Gloria Steinhem to cold-call voters. "Meg is herself, smart, authentic, funny, political. She came home to vote," Steinem told Access Hollywood. "And the first thing we did and why she came to see me was we sat at the dining room table here -- where I am right now -- and cold-called voters. And said, 'Hello, I'm Meg,' and, 'Hello, I'm Gloria,' and, 'Are you going to vote?'"

While this certainly would be a historic event for today's British royal family, assuming Markle did vote, it's also yet another way the Duchess has broken royal protocols. Traditionally, the royal family does not involve themselves in politics at all, and Prince Harry recently spoke about the fact that he "[hasn't] been able to vote in the U.K. my entire life" in the couple's 2020 Time 100 interview. That said, the couple are no longer senior members of the royal family. Even so, it's incredibly interesting to see the Duke and Duchess advocate for voting in this way.