Some Royal Fans Are Pissed At Meghan & Harry's B-Day Message To Prince George

Dan Istitene/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Royal fans are royally p*ssed at part of the royal family y'all! And I'm kind of royally amused. (Is that a thing? Well, it is now.) It's really for the most over-the-top reason. Meghan and Harry's comment on Prince George's birthday Instagram has the comment section in ruins. You see, Prince George turned 6 years old. It's a huge momentous occasion, obviously. And, Meghan Markle and Harry just don't know how to act. Sarcasm — please read that as sarcasm. But really, it seems like royal fans don't know how to act. They're upset for the most ridiculous reason.

Here's what happened: Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated their eldest son's birthday by posting a series of adorable photos to their @KensingtonRoyal Instagram to celebrate the big day.

"Happy Birthday Prince George! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share new photographs of Prince George to mark His Royal Highness's sixth birthday," they captioned each one of the photos.

Aunt Meghan and uncle Harry had the audacity to leave a sweet comment under their nephew's birthday post. "Happy Birthday! Wishing you a very special day and lots of love!" they wrote, followed by a cake and red balloon emoji. These two are out of control. OK, but really, that's such a sweet message.

However, many royal supporters were not impressed. Fans took up issue with auntie and uncle's blatant disrespect for the little prince. You see, they did not address him by his official title, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. The nerve. Seriously though, if only you could see my fits of laughter on the other end of your computer screen while reading these comments.

"You two need to give Prince George some respect... he is HRH Prince George, for you too!" wrote one fan. "PRINCE George, future king," commented another. Like I said, he is their nephew and I would like to think they call each other by their first names on a regular basis. They are family. But, some users still found the sweet, casual message insulting. To make matters worse, quite a few rude remarks were made directly at Meghan Markle.

"Meg, you're not a yacht girl anymore. You need to learn the proper way to give birthday wishes to the future King of England," commented one fan.

"So many people were rooting for her, myself included. It's sad really. What should be a bright spot in the monarchy has fast become the biggest disappointment," wrote another. Umm... cool it. I think the monarchy can survive a casual happy birthday message on social media.

"They don’t want to get it, that's the problem. Or should I just say she? To think I really liked her in the beginning!" one fan wrote. Still not sure why people are singling out Meghan alone. @Sussexroyal is a joint account. Just saying.

On the flip side, many came to defend Markle and Prince Harry. "Very cheap very rude comment. How [do] you know Meghan wrote this comment? They are his uncle and aunt. Their messages [are] so lovely and warm. I am sure Cambridges are very embarrassed of their fans," commented one user.

"Some of you really need to get a hobby," wrote another. That sounds like healthy advice to me.

Honestly though, I think aunt Meghan and uncle Harry's comment was made out of love for their nephew. So, the internet may just want to cool it. Also, birthdays are wonderful and Prince George deserves a drama-free day. On that note, happy birthday Geo— I mean, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.