Megan Thee Stallion Did Her First Makeup Tutorial & The Result Is Nothing Short Of Stunning

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Hot Girl herself has blessed fans with some serious wisdom. OK, maybe it’s not when her next album is dropping or how to become her best friend, but Megan Thee Stallion did post her first makeup tutorial, and the end result is so stunning. If you're looking to up your makeup game, leave it to Meg to be your guiding light.

“The way I do my makeup is not the typical way I feel like a lot of y’all’s favorite YouTube makeup artists be doing they stuff,” she starts off. “Just bear with me and I’ll teach y’all some trick shots you didn’t even think of.” Since Megan often does her own makeup for videos, shows, and more (including for the “WAP” music video), she has a lot of cool hacks up her sleeves. And, as a Revlon brand ambassador, much of the makeup she uses comes from the affordable makeup company, making it incredibly easy re-create this look at home.

To start, she uses a brown eyeshadow from Revlon’s Maverick Palette ($10, Revlon) as a base on her eyelids and does the same under her eyes. Honestly? That could be the full look. But of course, Megan doesn’t stop there. To match the blue in her space buns, the rapper adds blue eyeshadow from the Player Palette ($10, Revlon) to her crease, blending it up toward her brow. She then highlights under her brows for even more definition before adding a little dark brown to the outer corners of her eyelids and along her waterline.

Instead of using concealer to brighten under her eyes, the rapper uses a lighter foundation because she says her oily skin makes the concealer crack. She does, however, use concealer for a sharp cut-crease tracing a very even, half-moon shape on her lids. After the concealer dries, she carefully packs a lighter blue eyeshadow over it. Using an angled brush, she applies a darker blue shade to emphasize the crease and swipes a but of the same shade under her eyes to make them look even bigger.

“You gotta treat eyeliner like a boy you’re not sure about. You have to test it out,” Megan says, grabbing her liquid eyeliner. She draws sharp, thick wings following the upward path of her eyeliner. For maximum big-eye effects, she adds a little highlighter to the inner corners of her eyes.

Meg chooses a Hot Chocolate Lipstick ($9, Revlon) moment for her outer lips before applying Untold Story ($9, Revlon), a taupe-color, to the inside. If you’re waiting for a secret, Megan-trick, the wait is over: To get fuller-looking lips, she applies the same brown eyeshadow from earlier with an angled brush along the outline of her lips. Then, she uses her finger to put a little pink eyeshadow on the center of her lips before adding Lean In ($9, Revlon) and Choco Crush lipglosses ($9, Revlon).

“See how lashes really turn up the whole thing?” Megan says as she presses on some fluttering false lashes and some So Fierce! Mascara ($9, Revlon) to finish off her eyes. With a little bit of highlighter, he complexion is done. “You can never be too shiny. You want to shine,” Megan says, highlighting her nose, the tip of her chin, and the tops of cheekbones. Finally, she sets it all with some finishing powder, a bit of bronzer, and setting spray.

“You know, I think we did a damn good job,” Megan says, checking herself out. I 1000% agree. She looks shiny, flawless, and like the hottest girl ever.