Megan Thee Stallion's "Cry Baby" Music Video Looks Made Me Feel Something Again


Malibu Barbie and Toy Story no longer mean anything to me now that I've seen Megan Thee Stallion's looks in the "Cry Baby" music video. As though having two of the hottest artists in the world collaborate on a song wasn't enough, DaBaby and Megan changed the toy store game forever. Who'd have thought a children's store could be so lit? Amid the bright colors and amazing dance moves, the rapper's latex and feathery 'fits pop. All my childhood dolls and I are quaking over her Dream House closet.

For her music video looks, Megan went to one of her go-to stylists Brookelyn Styles. The New York creative previously worked with Megan for her "Body" music video. This time around, however, rather than a mostly black, fetish-wear aesthetic, Megan was dripping in colors and fun accessories straight out of the early 2000s. That's not to say that the video wasn't filled to the brim with latex, of course. Megan rocked a few custom-made looks from designers Venus Prototype and Bryan Hearns.

After having the "Cry Baby" music video looped for longer than I want to admit, I'm more than prepared to travel with you on this journey of Megan's greatest "Cry Baby" looks.

Courtesy of YouTube

As DaBaby opens the track, Megan and her backup dancers fill the screen with their floral bra tops and bikini bottoms. Throughout the dance sequence, however, Megan keeps switching it up her heels. In some shots, she wears matching, knee-high boots and baby pink go-go boots in others. As someone who struggles with picking out their shoes of the day, I feel seen.

Courtesy of YouTube

I just about screamed when I saw Megan's latex take on a crash dummy look. The full-body jumpsuit accentuated her body-ody-ody perfectly. To add to this look's perfection, her platform heels have little targets on them. We stan attention to detail!

Megan's baby blue, latex-and-feather ensemble was designed by Bryan Hearns. The fabric's sheen complements every little movement she makes, while the balloon sleeves and feathers add more playful appeal. Not to mention, the oversized hair bobbles took me right back to elementary school.

This custom-made Venus Prototype two-piece is a true mix of Malibu Barbie, '70s Cher, and Megan herself. Despite how amazing the ruffles and daisies are, Megan's long, floral-painted hair stole the show. Hairstylist Kellon Deryck hand-painted each flower using a stencil, and the resulting effect is overwhelming in the best way.

Courtesy of YouTube

Racing through toy store aisles in a convertible while seriously dancing isn't something I've ever done before, but I'm pretty sure Megan wore the perfect look for it. Her coral crop top, hot pants, and matching PVC go-go boots all shined like neon signs in the dark, after hours store.