You Can Get 10 Nuggets For $1 From McDonald's In August

by Daffany Chan

McDonald's is always my go-to place whenever I'm craving a burger or chicken nuggets. Seeing the iconic golden arches of the restaurant while driving on a highway always remind me that a satisfying meal is not too far away. Thankfully, McDonald's is celebrating its loyal fans with a BOGO for $1 menu deal in August! You're gonna want in on this one, because delicious food at a great value is a supreme combo. McDonald's BOGO for $1 August 2019 deal is the perfect excuse to head on over to McDonald's and end summer with a bang.

The coolest part about the BOGO for $1 deal at McDonald's is that you can mix and match what you want on the menu. If you don't want to get two of the same things, choose from a combination of juicy items available like the 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, and a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. You only have to pay the regular menu price for one, and you'll get the second item of equal or less value for just $1!

In an Aug. 9 press release, McDonald's USA Strategic Planning and Value Lead Alyssa Buetikofer, shared the reason behind the latest deal, "We know that many of today's customers are looking to get more out of their dollars, and still want menu items they crave. The new Buy One, Get One for $1 deal is the latest way we're bringing delicious, affordable food our customers love." You can cash in on this great bargain by visiting a McDonald's at a participating location starting Aug. 13. It's only around for a limited amount of time, so I'd recommend you pay Ronald McDonald a visit ASAP.

Courtesy of McDonald's

This is seriously a bang for your buck if you are a seasoned Micky D's veteran like me and want to make the most of your meal by grabbing two of your favorite menu items at once. If you're a newbie to the fast food chain, you really can't go wrong with any of the options on the BOGO for $1 lineup. If you have a hard time deciding, check out classic burgers like the Big Mac, which are always a good starting point for your entryway into a full throttle McDonald's obsession.

It looks like McDonald's is really ramping up its commitment to the affordability of its menu, which is good news for anyone trying to chow down on a budget. The BOGO for $1 deal joins the $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu, which is already a hit amongst customers. The legendary value menu is always being revamped to include new options, too.

So, what does the restaurant chain have planned for the future? According to the press release, the company "will continue to pulse in complementary deals like the Buy One, Get One for $1." You know what that means: The supply of affordable McD's goodies aren't ending anytime soon, so breathe in a sigh of relief. I'm foreseeing many meals of Big Macs and McNuggets from future McDonald's BOGO for $1 promotions. But before I get ahead of myself, I'll start with this one.