Sorry, But May 13 Will Be The Absolute Worst Week For These Zodiac Signs

Prepare yourself, because a full moon is upon us as of May 18. This isn't just any full moon; it's the full moon in Scorpio, ruler of the underworld and all things dark and shadowy. Even when you think you're prepared for Scorpio's power, it comes in and destroys everything you thought you knew with unapologetic determination. If you believe yourself to be ready, think again, because as of May 13, 2019, this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs. Even positive changes feel strange at first, and no one will understand it better than someone who has their sun or rising sign in Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius. It's not that the cosmos are purposefully putting these signs through the wringer; it's simply that it's all part of a cyclical process.

Now, don't let this news terrify you. This full moon in Scorpio happens to be bolstered by a spiritually rejuvenating and motivating grand water trine that involves compassionate Neptune and the north node (which is the point of inspiration everyone is collectively moving toward). This full moon will reveal hidden layers of your reality that you never knew existed. It may just be the spark of creativity that sets your whole world ablaze with magic. Let it nurture your intuition and brighten your soul's path.

However, let's not forget that karmic Saturn and obsessive Pluto will be forming an opposition to the south node at the same time. If the cosmos could possibly be any more literal, things could just as well go south.

Gemini: Reckon With Your Negative Thought Patterns

As of this week, May 13, the sun, Mercury, and Venus are in your 12th house of the subconscious. This makes you especially introverted and introspective for someone who's so passionate about keeping up with social events. You're especially sensitive and possibly grappling with revelations you'd rather not deal with. Unfortunately, you can't avoid the truth, so do yourself a favor and listen to your inner voice.

With Saturn and Pluto retrograding through your eighth house of death and rebirth, you're in a process of spiritual renovation that involves the shedding of your skin. With Saturn and Pluto opposing the south node in your second house, you may be turning to negative vices for comfort. Fight this instinct.

Libra: You're Being Pushed Through Major Changes

You're feeling very emotional and passionate about your life lately. The sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your eighth house of transformation, and you're searching for truth in the midst of such a superficial world. You desire a soul connection. You want your reality to be more authentic. But first, it requires you break away from people and habits pulling you away from depth.

You may be shying away from the limelight and ignoring your own power. Saturn and Pluto are both in your fourth house of the home, opposing the north node in your 10th house of social status. It's certainly easier to avoid criticism and judgment by walking away from opportunities. But you won't grow if you do.

Sagittarius: The Naked Truth Is Being Pulled To The Surface

You're working hard and you may be feeling overwhelmed by all the items on your to-do list. If you're ignoring your instinct to buckle down and formulate a plan for success, you're likely feeling guilty about it. Lean in to the fact that the sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in your sixth house of health and work.

With a full moon radiating throughout your 12th house of spirituality, your reality may be at odds with how you're feeling within. Your intuition knows what's really going on, even if your mind doesn't want to believe it. However, the commitment to make positive changes usually begins with realizing something is wrong. Take time to listen to your inner voice.