Matt James & Tyler Cameron Got Bikini Waxes & You Have To See The Video

by Candice Jalili
Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Besties who get waxed together, stay together. At least I'm hoping that's true for Matt James and Tyler Cameron, who got bikini waxes together in a YouTube video uploaded by Cameron on Jan. 11. Like a good BFF, Cameron made sure his pal James was manscaped before he left for Pennsylvania to be the lead on this season of The Bachelor.

“Today was a day of showing Matt what these girls go through when it comes to getting ready for being on The Bachelor so Matt can have a real appreciation for when these girls come out of the limo,” Cameron explained of his reasoning. After having done their hair and nails, it was time for a wax.

After drawing names from a paper basket, it was decided that Cameron would go first. He was not messing around. "So, they recommended not to use the white strips," he told the camera before his wax. "I said we're doing the white strips because I saw 40 Year Old Virgin and that looked painful and that's what I was going for. [The aesthetician] said she really, really does not recommend doing that. So, we're going to do one of those with that and then we're gonna do the gel wax."

The one strip, uh, did not go so well. Cameron immediately turned bright red and started screaming, even at one point noticing he was bleeding (don't worry, the aesthetician reassured him that the blood was "normal.") At the end of his experience, Cameron noted that "the balls do not feel good."

Next up, it was James' turn. Cameron gave his buddy a pep talk before he got on the table, explaining, "It is a quick, excruciating pain, but you can get through it." A nervous James laid on the table and, even before the wax started, he noted that the wax was "hot as f*ck."

For the most part, James handled it better than Cameron. While he freaked out every now and then, he generally remained pretty calm. At one point during the wax, he even paused to take a call from his mom. (OK, he said he had to call her back as soon as he answered, but still.)

I mean, a man who takes a call from his mom mid-bikini wax? What more could a girl ask for?