This Couple Created A Same-Sex Barbie Wedding Set & It Might Spark Real Change

by Korey Lane

Considering the fact that it's 2018, and love is love, it's unfortunate and highly annoying that there aren't a lot LGBTQ-friendly toys for kids on the market these days. But fortunately, that's where one Arizona couple comes in. Soon-to-be married couple Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio made their own same-sex Barbie wedding set after not seeing any in stores, and their innovation has already made a potentially huge impact. After going viral, Mattel (the toy brand behind Barbie) has reached out to the couple to set up a meeting and discuss widening the brand's representation in the future.

It all started when Jacobi took to Instagram to share the DIY set he made with his partner Caprio. They captioned the photo of the two-groom set: "We had a difficult time finding a same sex wedding set to give to my niece for her 8th birthday. She and her little sister are flower girls in our upcoming May wedding. We thought it would be special to give her something with a little meaning behind it. What a bummer you don’t make one with two grooms. Anyway, we had to get creative and make a couple purchases. I hope our custom gift inspires you to make a #GayWedding set!"

While the wedding set obviously looks amazing, it also might be the first step in Mattel creating more same-sex wedding sets and dolls in the future. After the couple tagged the company in their post, the folks over at Mattel saw Jacobi's post and actually reached out to them to set up a meeting. Of course, it's impossible to say whether or not the couple's creation will result in an actual same-sex Barbie set available for purchase (here's hoping!), but it's nice to know the company is open to change and is taking initiative.

"Mattel has been wonderful and we are meeting with the head of Barbie design, their design team and marketing — either next Friday or the first week of January," Jacobi told Good Morning America. "Just sorting out travel details and schedules. We are so grateful!"

That's right, folks! This couple might help the toy mega-brand create more inclusive toys and sets, meaning 2019 might already be looking like a great year for diversity and equality in the toy sphere — especially with a giant brand like Mattel prioritizing inclusivity. And to think, it all started because Jacobi was just being the best uncle around.

"I went out to look for a meaningful birthday present," Jacobi told GMA of how the story all began with him shopping for a birthday present for his niece. "She loves Barbies, playing with her dolls, etc, just like any other kid. In honor of our upcoming wedding, I wanted to give her something related to the wedding but also something she would enjoy. So, I came across the Mattel/Barbie 'Wedding Set!'" he explained. And while the set was super cute and "almost perfect," complete with "two flower girls, a cake, and all," there was one not-so-minor hitch. As Jacobi told GMA, "only a bride and groom were available."

Obviously, that's not what the groom-to-be wanted to find, so the couple made their own wedding set with two grooms, and their niece loved it. A home-made video of her opening the box showed her exclaiming, "They look exactly like you!" (I'm not crying, you're crying!) Jacobi and Caprio, who have been together for 12 years now, are set to get married in May 2019, so there's no telling what else they can accomplish before then. With these two, it seems like anything is possible.