Here’s What Mary-Kate Olsen's Zodiac Sign Says About Her As A Partner

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Mary-Kate Olsen is ready to be single again. The actor and fashion mogul officially filed for divorce from her husband of four and a half years, Oliver Sarkozy, on Monday, May 25. This news may come as a bit of a shock, as the couple was all smiles last summer when they were last spotted together while attending the Longines Global Champions Tour in Spain. But then when you consider Mary-Kate Olsen’s zodiac sign, the unpredictability isn't all that surprising.

Olsen was born June 13, 1986, under the sign of Gemini. If you’ve ever dated a Gemini, you know that they're the quintessential air sign, in that they're powerfully driven by their passions — but, like the wind, they can suddenly change course with little to no warning. This can make them exciting to be in a relationship with, as they always keep you on your toes. But it can also be a little intimidating to know that they could be all-in on the romance one day, only to lose interest the next. Fortunately, they're so charismatic and intriguing that they're often totally worth the risk. Here's what else we can divine about what it's like to be loved by Olsen based on her zodiac sign.

Gemini has no patience for small talk.

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Gemini’s most defining characteristic is their curiosity, which you will discover quickly if you happen to catch their attention. They show an intense interest in getting to know every aspect of the object of their desire, and want to have deep conversations to fully understand what makes you tick. If what they find are depths to explore and hold their interest, then Gemini gets hooked. However, if they find they can read you like a book right from the start, don’t be surprised if they lose interest quickly, as they have notoriously short attention spans.

Gemini can be difficult to truly get to know.

After spending any considerable amount of time with Gemini, it can feel like your connection is profound and deep. However, upon closer inspection you may realize they know everything about you and you know very little about them. That's because Gemini is good at taking the lead in conversations and teasing out all your secrets while keeping theirs safely hidden. Plus, there are many sides to Gemini, so even if they're open to sharing themselves, it just takes a long time for all the aspects of their personality to reveal themselves.

Gemini needs an equally dynamic partner.

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Gemini loves variety, so oftentimes they're happier single and able to explore many different partners and life experiences. Eventually, though, most Geminis do want to settle down. But for them to do so, they need a partner who possesses a similar sense of adventure and desire for new experiences. They need someone with a quick mind to keep up with theirs and a strong sense of intellectual curiosity. Otherwise, Gemini’s fickle side can reemerge and their heart will follow where their curiosity leads them.

Geminis like Olsen can be tricky (but not impossible) to hold onto for the long term; it just comes down to being the right personality fit for them. When they do find that person who challenges, excites, and explores with them, they can be fiercely loyal and loving. And while it seems like Olsen and Sarkozy weren't meant to be, here’s hoping her next love will be the one who truly captures this air sign's heart and mind.