Marshalls' Online Store Just Launched, So You Can Now Impulse-Buy Fall Fashion From Home

Am I the last person on earth to find out that Marshalls' online store officially launched? Are you?? It looks like we're both a little behind on the news, because as of this morning, aka September 24, a shoppable store exists. Do you understand what that means? To be clear, it means you can shop Marshalls from the comfort of your very own home — and if there's one thing I love more than strolling through my local Marshalls in search of good deals, it's online shopping from my bed. What can I say? I live a simple, shopping-centric life.

Marshalls has always been one of my favorite places to shop; much like Target, it's the kind of store where you go in for one thing, and leave with a million other things you never expected to want or need, but for some reason, can't pass up. Even better? Everything is available for less than what it would cost at other retailers, so even though I end up impulse-buying while I'm there, I'm always able to justify it since I'm getting a good deal.

I'm not the only one who things Marshalls is what shopping dreams are made of, but up until now, the experience has been in-store only:

Prior to the new upgrade, a visit to the Marshalls website got you little more than a list of nearby store locations and some serious FOMO if you didn't have time to make a trip IRL. Now? It's a full-blown online store, offering everything from clothes to shoes to beauty, not to mention sections for kids, home decor, and more.

Basically, it's all I've ever wanted. Better late than never, Marshalls!


Not all Marshalls stores carry the same products, so not everything you can buy IRL is available online, and vice versa. That said, you can totally return your items at your local Marshalls store, which makes impulse-buying online just as irresistible as when I'm actually in the store, since I hate online returns with a fiery passion.

And BTW, there's a free shipping deal going on right now, because as we all know, Marshalls never stops tempting me:


When you're spending $89 or more (Which, I'll just say it, you know you're going to!), you can snag free shipping using the code "SHIP89." Love that.

And now, for a list of things I can't wait to buy, starting with these Splendid Fringe Suede Boots ($50,

Do me a favor, OK? Don't buy these boots. Don't even think about it! I will be so upset if they sell out before I get the chance to snag them. Fall is officially not allowed to start until these boots are in my possession. Sorry about it!

And with them? I plan on pairing a myriad of cozy sweaters, the Cocobleu Chunky Knit Heart Cardigan ( being one of them:

Oh yeah. That texture? That sparks joy. The hardest part will be deciding whether I want the Ivory version or the Pink — I might just add both to my cart and see what happens. To find some fall must-haves of your own, head over to the newly-launched Marshalls online store now.