Nintendo Just Confirmed It's Bringing Your Favorite ’90s Game To Your Phone & OMG

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Among Skip-Its and Razor Scooters, one of the best and highest quality forms of entertainment to emerge from the '90s was undoubtedly Nintendo Mario Kart. My best friend and I would fight for hours on hours over who would get to play Princess Peach, and in all honesty, it was so freaking brutal. But 20 years later, Mario Kart Tour is finally coming to mobile, so I am a) probably never leaving my apartment again, and b) I'm beyond excited to rightfully claim my deserved title as Princess Peach forever.

On Jan. 31, Nintendo revealed their upcoming mobile version of Mario Kart on Twitter, which they're calling Mario Kart Tour. But don't start revving your engines yet, because the game might not be available until March of 2019, at the latest. So we potentially have, like, a little over a year to completely plan our Mario Kart winning streak. And other than Nintendo's Twitter reveal, they really haven't mentioned anything else about Mario Kart Tour on their website. The mere fact that it's about to actually exist, however, is just too exciting for words... I don't know about you guys, but I might be even more pumped about Mario Kart Tour than I was about Pokémon GO. Toad can totally take on Bulbasaur any day, in my book.

Mario Kart, according to Tech Crunch, is one of the most popular video games ever created, in the history of Nintendo, (because duh). As it continues to crush sales even a full two decades later, Nintendo publicly disclosed on Jan. 30 that they've sold over 7 million copies of their latest version, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch, since April 2017. It's pretty ground breaking, and honestly, it really isn't a surprise. I played very few video games in my day, but I will forever love Mario Kart.

Nintendo began officially redeveloping their video games for smartphones in 2015, per Tech Crunch, and they've already released a handful of hella popular mobile games such as: Fire Emblem Heroes, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Even though Nintendo also reportedly released an app, which they called Miitomo, it's set to close in May, because of lacking popularity. Oh well. As long as Nintendo includes Yoshi in Mario Kart Tour, they still have the key to my heart.

Clearly, us '90s babies are always down for some OG Nintendo nostalgia, like when Super Nintendo Classic Edition (SNES) was about to come out, in September 2017. Wal-Mart unexpectedly made SNES pre-orders available on their website in July 2017, a couple months early. Hundreds of thousands of Gen-Y babes and video game fanatics then obvi filed a ton of pre-orders for the gaming system, just before their dreams were so freaking crushed. Wal-Mart came out to all pre-orderers, and said that the "pre-order" option was merely a glitch in the system.

Oops, totally their bad.

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Per Elite Daily, Deserie Dulaney, the senior director for customer care at Wal-Mart, reportedly emailed everyone who pre-ordered SNES, that the gaming system was wrongly made available before the official release date, because of a "technical glitch." Wal-Mart then wasn't able to honor the pre-orders. Dulaney made a point to apologize, and recognize that it was a major disappointment, but Nintendo fans were still super sad. But what can ya do? It came out later in September 2017, and people honestly forgot any of it happened.

So if you were born anytime before, like, Y2K, you're probably a seasoned original Nintendo Mario Kart connoisseur. Maybe you preferred playing Mario (classic choice), or you might have been more of a Wario kinda person (seriously though, who is that kind of person?). Either way, we'll all soon be able to kart race each other, Nintendo-style on our phones, and that day is (sort of) almost here.

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