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With Mercury Rx Out Of The Way, These Zodiac Signs Will Soar This Week


If the past few weeks have been rough, confusing, and downright exhausting, get ready for some good news. A weight is being lifted off your shoulders when Mercury finally stations direct on March 9, putting an end to an emotional and challenging retrograde. Even though you're still dealing with the post-shadow phase of this retrograde, the brunt of the difficulty will officially be behind you. While everyone should a little more focused and clear-minded, March 9, 2020 will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Pisces. If you're lucky enough to be born under the influence of any of the aforementioned signs, the universe will be granting you so many wishes.

Aside from the fact that Mercury retrograde is now over, the week begins with a full moon in organized, task-oriented, and cleansing Virgo. While full moons are a time of heightened energy — which can often leave you feeling overwhelmed — this full moon will motivate you to pick up where you left off and get things done. Forming a trine with both courageous Mars and optimistic Jupiter, this full moon lights a fire within you, encouraging you to stay positive and work toward your goals. It also has the capacity to be an incredibly transformative experience, as it forms a trine with resurrecting Pluto. Even if you feel as though you've hit rock bottom, know that sometimes you need to experience your worst before you can gain enough strength to reach the top. The lowest of the low always makes way for the highest of the high. However, beware of wishful thinking, because this full moon also forms an opposition to disorienting Neptune, leaving room for the truth to be misconstrued.

Regardless, this week will be a beautiful one for the select few.


Taurus: You're Feeling Extra Creative, Imaginative, And Romantic

Don't be surprised if you feel inspired to entertain your inner artist this week, Taurus. Increase the color of your life by doing something that brings you joy. There doesn't need to be a purpose to creating something or putting effort into something other than that it makes your life a richer experience. You're a creative being and you will never lose that part of yourself. In fact, to ignore your creativity would be doing yourself a disservice. Spend this week looking at everything through an artistic lens and watch how it improves every aspect of your life.

Virgo: You're Coming To Terms With Your Innermost Confidence

You may be experiencing many revelations about your life this week, Virgo. While some of them may be difficult to reckon with or hard to accept, you know that deep down, it's all helping you become a stronger and more confident being. It's as if you're shedding an old layer of skin so you can begin growing in an entirely new and exhilarating way. You don't have to remain a prisoner to the person you've been in the past. You can, and should, be brave enough to honor the direction your intuition is telling you to move toward.

Pisces: You're Deepening The Level Of Love In Your Relationships

Who are your loved ones, Pisces? This week, you might just find out. While you may be realizing which relationships aren't as deep as you once thought, you're also being reminded of who you can really trust. However, you might also be surprised by how deep your relationships with certain individuals might become, so don't be afraid of opening your heart to someone new. Try to let creativity, empathy, and spontaneity bring your relationships to deeper and more fascinating levels.