Madison Prewett Is Focusing On Herself & Her Friends After 'The Bachelor'

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Two months ago, you couldn’t go on the internet without seeing Madison Prewett’s name in a headline. She may not have technically “won” Season 24 of The Bachelor, but she did win over Bachelor Nation after she handled that catastrophic After The Final Rose with incredible dignity and a little bit of sass. Following her breakup with Peter Weber in March, she’s planning a big move and the next steps in her career. But these days, when everything’s at a standstill, Madison Prewett is using quarantine as a time to prioritize the people she loves — whether that’s filming TikToks with her sisters or scheduling Zoom calls with her friends.

One thing I found abundantly clear when chatting with Prewett on the phone in early May for Elite Daily’s How I Take Care platform — a series of interviews with fan-favorite bloggers, celebrities, TikTokers, musicians, and politicians about life at home — is that despite her rapid rise to fame and her almost two million Instagram followers, she’s just as humble as she is unapologetic. She refuses to bend her beliefs or be anyone other than herself. But I can also tell she’s a giver — someone who always asks herself what more she can do for others, and how else she can show love to the people in her life. In a time as scary and uncertain as the one we’re facing now, we can all afford to be a little more like Madi.

Where she’s quarantining: At home in Auburn, AL

Who she’s quarantining with: Her parents and two younger sisters

Her fave local restaurant: The Hound for “really good, American Southern food.”

What she turns to when she feels insecure: Faith and family. “Those are the two things I lean on every time.”

A couple she’d love to third-wheel in quarantine: Ross and Rachel from Friends

She’s not going on FaceTime dates with anybody.

After I go through something big in life — like a breakup, a transition, a move, a change, anything like that — I really try and take time to make sure my heart is in the best place. That my heart, mind, and body are all healthy. I take time to really get back to the best version of myself and make sure I'm in a great place. So honestly, I really haven't even considered dates or anything like that. Anybody who's asked, I've just been like, "Look, I'm just focusing on myself right now.”

She’s soaking up family time before her big move.

It's been really good being with my family right now, because I'm used to being on my own and I'm moving soon. So we've had a lot of game nights, a lot of movie nights, and some really good quality time just being together and making the most of it.

Quarantine has taught her not to take anything for granted.

I’m very extroverted and I need people. It's been very challenging. But I’ve learned that it doesn't matter whether you're inside of your house or out —there's always a way to make a difference and bring joy to someone's life. I’ve also learned the importance of making every day matter and making every day count, because tomorrow is not guaranteed. So I really need to make the most of the moments I do have.

Voice Notes make her feel close to her friends.

Our schedules are all over the place and we tend to miss each other a lot, so instead of blocking off a 45-minute phone or Zoom call, my friends and I are really big on voice texts. I think you can have a lot of friends but still feel lonely sometimes. So in my relationships and friendships — it doesn't really matter how many people I have around me — depth is super important to me. I really try and stay in touch with the important things like, "How's your heart doing? How can I challenge you? How can I encourage you? How can I pray for you?"

Love languages are important to her.

Physical touch and quality time are my top two love languages. I try to really pay attention to each individual and figure out, whether it's my family, or friends, or a relationship: How do they desire to be loved, and what makes them feel loved? And then I try my best to be intentional about loving them that way, rather than loving them the way I want to be loved back. My friends and I are really big on challenging each other. Once a week, we’ll ask, "Hey, you told me last week this is something that you wanted to focus on this week,” or, "This is a dream that you had." We go back and forth: “What's your progress? What are your goals? What's sufficient? Have you gotten there? How can I help you? How can I assist you and support you through it?” Really just holding each other accountable and just pushing each other to reach those goals.

She’s not about to compromise her beliefs for anyone.

I've always said this to girls and to my sisters, and I always try to live by this, but I would say it definitely got emphasized over the past year. Just know who you are and always stand up for what you believe in. I really learned this in such a different and unique way over the past year. Know who you are, no matter what environment you're in, or what people are saying about you. Stay true to you and be confident in that, even if people don't like it or disagree with it.

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