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Madison Beer Got Real About How Constant Bullying Has Affected Her Mental Health

Rich Fury/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Madison Beer is asking the internet to give her a break. The singer-songwriter has been the face of internet drama countless times, but she's now pleading for a kinder digital world. As she explained in a new tweet, she's sick of seeing mean-spirited messages on her social media pages. Madison Beer's response to constant online bullying is heartbreaking.

Beer spoke out about the malicious comments she's been getting on the morning of May 5. She said the bullying has gotten so bad, she doesn't want to go out in public.

"So exhausted of everything I do being labeled as cringe or embarrassing like I literally never wanna leave my house again," she tweeted.

She continued, "I struggle so f*ckin much to do such simple things because of all the mental health things I deal with that I've talked about publicly and still!!! Still I am literally bullied and made fun of NONSTOP."

Beer said she's especially sick of people feeling like they can say damaging things about someone just because they're in the public eye.

"How abouttttt no! Don't be a f*ckin d*ck to people it's not hard," she said. "And if it IS hard for you to either be kind or just not...say anything...do some introspection on yourself and stop worrying about me," she tweeted.

When one fan came to Beer's defense and agreed no one deserves to be bullied on the internet, she further explained just how much it's taken a toll on her.

"I've been bullied, discredited, attacked and made fun of every day of my life since I was 12," Beer added. "How could people expect that to not take a mental toll on someone?"

After seeing Beer's tweets, a number of fans sent supportive messages her way. Clearly touched, Beer spoke out again.

"Love you guys. Thank you for always making me feel heard and my feelings feel valid. They are valid because I feel them, and you never try to discredit that," she said.

Facing internet scrutiny is never easy, but Beer's real fans will defend her back till the end.