Madison Beer Told Haters Who Say She Copies Ariana To Take Several Seats

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Madison Beer believes in the saying "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." The 21-year-old has been accused of copying Ariana Grande's looks in the past, and has a lot to say about the comparisons. Madison Beer's quotes about being pitted against Ariana Grande are so mature.

Beer, who shot to stardom at the young age of 13 after Justin Bieber tweeted a video of her singing a cover of Etta James' iconic song "At Last," knows a little about living in the spotlight and how fame can come with a lot of backlash. During a Tuesday, Dec. 1 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Beer opened up about other celebs being compared to her, and how she's been compared to other artists in the past too.

Speaking about how TikToker Nessa Barrett was slammed for supposedly trying to copy Beer's "Selfish" video with her debut music video for "Pain," Beer shared: "I think it's really sad when people just find a way to bring others down ... We all pull inspiration from people who came before us ... I spoke to Nessa and she's just the sweetest person."

Turning things to her own experience with being accused of trying to copy someone else, Beer shared how something as simple as wearing her hair in a high ponytail like Grande ultimately led to people pinning the women against each other.

"I've been an Ariana fan since I was so young," Beer explained. "I think there's nothing wrong with being inspired by somebody, and I look up to Ariana so much and she's one of my idols. I think she's so strong and beautiful, and I don't know why me being inspired by her in some way would ever be an issue."

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Beer added: "I don't think people should be pinning women against each other, we should be lifting each other up."

It's refreshing to hear that Beer isn't bothered by the comparisons, and she's going to keep doing her no matter what other people think.