What Madelaine Petsch Is Probably Like As A Partner, Based On Her Zodiac Sign

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While many of her Riverdale co-stars choose to play their romances closer to the vest (I know I can’t be the only one who went bananas during that whole "are they/aren’t they dating" saga between Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse), for Madelaine Petsch, being open about her relationship with actor Travis Mills was no big deal. In fact, she made the choice to be public for a good cause: to help people of her generation be a bit less cynical about finding love, which is a beautiful thing. Once you know Madelaine Petsch’s zodiac sign, this all makes even more sense.

Petsch was born August 18 under the sign of Leo. True to her sign, Petsch has no problem showing off her relationship, which she said she does with the intent of helping other folks, who, like herself before meeting Mills, had just about given up on love. "Before I met Travis, I felt that way for a year. I was fully single and didn’t talk to anybody," Petsch told Glamour in 2018. "And then I met him and was like, ‘Oh my God, this is what they say.’ It sounds patronizing when they say, 'When you know, you know,' but [now] I know."

"I’m a huge advocate of showing my relationship online because love does exist, and I think it’s so important for our generation to know that love will win," she continued. "No matter who you love, what you love, it will win."

Honestly, I think we could all use a little more love and positivity these days, so I am totally here for her mission. While we know that Petsch is happy in her relationship, I couldn't help but be curious about what she is actually like as a partner. That said, here is what we can guess about what it's like to be loved by Petsch based on her zodiac sign.

When she gives her heart, she's all in.
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There's no question that Leo is the star, and the more dominant partner in a relationship, but that in no way means that she is domineering or dismissive of her SO. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the the truth, because when Leo gives someone her heart, she gives them the whole thing. This warm and emotionally generous sign is extremely passionate and dedicated when they're in a relationship, and they prioritize their partner's happiness over their own.

Leo has a very liberated view of sex.
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While Leo can be a little old fashioned in some ways, that doesn't include the bedroom. In there, the Lioness is her most liberated — which makes sense, because Leo is hardly a shrinking violet. Part of this is because Leos don't often have any sexual hangups, and see physical love as just a beautiful and natural way of expressing what's in their heart. This is also a sign who has a high opinion of themselves and always feels sexy in their own skin. All of this leaves them open and excited to experiment and get creative with their partner in the boudoir.

She has very high standards in her relationship.
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There's no question that Leos are very giving and loving in a relationship, but they definitely expect both reciprocation and plenty of admiration, too. She treats her partners well and won't settle for less in return. She holds herself in high regard, and so, expects her partner to do the same. Being lazy, distant, or unkind is the quickest way to lose the love of a Leo — and, trust me, once you've felt the warmth of this Sun-ruled sign, you won't want to risk losing it.

You can trust her with your heart.
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While there is no shortage of reasons to want to be in a relationship with a Leo woman, perhaps the most important one is that this is sign will take good care of your heart. It's not hard to read how this sign feels about you because they don't hold back, hide their feelings, or play mind games. If they love you, you feel it, and you can count on their loyalty to the very end.

Honestly, it just makes sense that someone with this approach to love and relationships would not only be proud to show off what they've got, but want to spread some love and hope around. So, I guess the answer to what Petsch is like as a partner is simply one word: Awesome.