MAC Is Donating $10 Million To Coronavirus Relief Efforts With Its Viva Glam Campaign

Courtesy of MAC

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to spread across the world and affect communities, MAC has some good news. As announced by Miley Cyrus in her Bright Minded Instagram Live series, MAC’s Viva Glam 2020 campaign will donate $10 million to coronavirus relief efforts. The money will go to 250 local organizations all over the world to help those feeling the effects of the virus most drastically.

Cyrus announced the big news on her Instagram Live, quarantine-friendly talk show, Bright Minded. The singer posts a show every day, Monday through Friday at 2:30 p.m. ET, featuring interviews with other celebrities stuck at home, health tips, and more. On Thursday, April 2, she debuted an announcement about MAC’s plan to donate $10 million, courtesy of their annual ongoing Viva Glam campaign, to organizations helping combat the effects of coronavirus that are in desperate need of funds. Cyrus was an ambassador for a Viva Glam campaign back in 2015 and is clearly excited to be back for a new cause.

Since the first Viva Glam campaign in 1994, MAC has given 100% of the Viva Glam lipsticks’ proceeds to help those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Over the past 26 years, MAC has unbelievably donated over $500 million to much-deserving causes. But now, the brand is giving Viva Glam a new purpose. MAC has pledged to give $10 million to help organizations continue to deliver food, keep people informed, test for the virus, and treat diagnosed cases. One of the organizations the brand highlighted is Project Angel Food, which is hiring out-of-work chefs in L.A. to make meals for immunocompromised people and others unable to leave the house during the pandemic.

“VIVA GLAM has never been about one cause, but about support to vulnerable communities. It was created many years ago simply as a hardship fund for people who needed safety nets,” John Demsey, chairman of the MAC VIVA GLAM FUND and executive group president of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc., told Elite Daily in a press release. “To leverage this 100% giving model to help people affected by COVID-19 is a continuation of the principles VIVA GLAM was founded on.” Alongside this initiative, Viva Glam will continue to raise money to support those affected by HIV/AIDS.

To help support the efforts, you can purchase any Viva Glam lipstick ($20, MAC) currently on sale, and all of the proceeds will go to helping these organizations. Currently, MAC’s stores across the US and Canada are closed for the time being due to coronavirus, but the Viva Glam lipsticks can easily be purchased on MAC's website.