Mackenzie Ziegler's New Video Will Make You Hate Your Hot Ex Even More

Mackenzie Ziegler/YouTube

Remember all the times you contemplated getting back together with your ex because they are hot? Well, Mackenzie Ziegler's "Hot" music video is here and it's kind of the perfect reminder of why that's probably not a good idea. Like, really not a good idea.

The video, directed by Constellation Jones, begins with Ziegler laying on the floor of a dark house, looking sad and staring off into the distance while a TV plays a static image in the background. She clearly doesn't even notice and that's because a cute ex will take over your mind and have you acting different.

In the pop track, she sings:

Should've listened to my friends, they saw something I didn't/ Should've seen it, but your kiss it broke my intuition/ You look so good, but looks can be deceiving/ You lie so well I almost believed it.

Girl, ain't that the truth. Throughout the video, Kenzie walks around a mysterious house singing about her ex and his acts of infidelity. It's actually kind of haunting since her mysterious ex pops in and out frame, every so often. In the opening scene he is pictured laying on the ground with her and then a second later, he's not.

There's even a scene where Kenzie is dancing with him and as they turn, the image that was once Kenzie is now a different girl. Kenzie is now perched on the window sill, watching the new couple with a gloomy expression. Something tells me the visuals of her ex are actually memories, replaying over and over again in her head as she sings:

You think I'd stay for your face?/ My heart was never that vain/ Thought you're worth my time and space/ Use your beauty, like it's currency/ What's inside is such a shame/ Was it me or was it a game?

On July 24, Kenzie announced the drop of the long-awaited music video on Instagram, with the caption: "I had SO much fun shooting this video. I hope you love it!" Yeah, I totally do Kenzie. It's a hot girl summer out here and I need a reminder to make some good decisions.

The track has also got many of her fans applauding her growth as an artist and individual. "I’m happy she’s making music that she believes in because every time I listen I feel so inspired. She's such a queen literally Queen Kenzie," wrote one fan.

MAckenzie Ziegler/ YouTube

"Hey Kenzie, awesome job girly. This is now my favorite song I am so proud of you. You have come so far. Love you so much and wish you the best," wrote another.

"This is my all time favorite video by her, she literally has improved so much," commented another.

One fan, couldn't help but express their excitement, in all caps: "OMG I LOVE THIS SONG KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DON'T LET ANYONE STOP YOU WHAT YOUR DOING YOUR VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL JUST LIKE YOU." What an amazing and supportive fanbase.

If this is the first time you are hearing of the 15-year-old singer, well, prepare to be amazed. She's also an accomplished dancer, having appeared on Lifetime's reality dance show Dance Moms for six years. In 2014 she released her first album, Mack Z. Her second album Phases was dropped in 2018. Now, you also have "Hot" to bang out to all summer. Enjoy it.