Mackenzie Ziegler's Fave Hype Song Is A Billie Eilish Track You Already Love

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Billie Eilish has really blown up this year, hasn't she? It seems that not an hour goes by when one of her songs isn't on the radio. Seriously. Whenever I get into my car and crank up the tunes, either "Bad Guy," "Bury a Friend," or "When the Party's Over" is playing on the radio, but hey, I ain't complaining. I'm literally so obsessed with her. I'm just waiting for her to finally get that No. 1 song on the Billboard charts with "Bad Guy." Her competition right now is Lil Nas X with the "Old Town Road (Remix)," but I have faith that she'll get that top spot one day. She deserves it! So many celebs have even revealed that they're Billie Eilish fans, like Demi Lovato, Niall Horan, and BTS' Jungkook. And now, in a new video for Teen Vogue, Mackenzie Ziegler gave Billie Eilish the best shoutout that shows she's a fan of Eilish's, too.

Back in May, Teen Vogue conducted a survey about Mackenzie Ziegler that tested fans' knowledge of her. Now that it's been a few months, they got the results of the survey back, and challenged Ziegler to guess the responses. Because it was a survey about Ziegler, you can guess that somewhere along the line, the star would talk about Billie Eilish, since y'know, she's a huge fan of hers and all.

The first time Ziegler mentioned Billie Eilish was when she talked about her celebrity lookalikes. Apparently, fans think Ziegler looks like her sister Maddie Ziegler (no kidding), as well as Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Tessa Brooks, and a young Hillary Clinton. Yes, really.

Out of all the names, Ziegler seemed most surprised about Billie Eilish (and obviously Hillary Clinton, too, but I'm here to talk about Eilish). As soon as she saw the results, Ziegler's mouth dropped, and she said, "Oh my god! I'm so honored. Billie Eilish?"

Just look at her reaction:

Teen Vogue YouTube Channel

Yup, that's a YouTube thumbnail right there. She really couldn't believe it. Of course, Ziegler took it as a huge compliment since she loves Eilish. Ziegler said, "That's awesome. She's so beautiful."

Then, Ziegler mentioned Billie Eilish again when the topic of music came up. The survey asked fans what music gets Ziegler hyped, but before finding out the results, Ziegler revealed that it's "anything Billie Eilish."

"I do a lot of her covers," she explained. "I talk about her 24/7."

But if she had to pick one Eilish track as her ultimate hype song, Ziegler would say "Bad Guy." She said, "I think 'Bad Guy' by Billie Eilish is my hype song right now."

And what do you think? Ziegler's fans guessed "Bad Guy," which means her fans totally know her through and through. Well, most of them. Other fans guessed "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyoncé, "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X, "Waste My Time" by Johnny Orlando, and uh, "Baby Shark."

While "Waste My Time" was a good guess since Ziegler loves that song, "Baby Shark" was just really random, right?

Anyways, you can watch Ziegler talk about all things Billie Eilish (and Mackenzie Ziegler) below.

I hope Ziegler gets the chance to meet Billie Eilish one day. Could you imagine that meetup? It would be everything!