MAC Cosmetics' Same-Day Delivery With Postmates Is A Dream Come True

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although courier services have existed for some time, quarantine has honestly made them the norm. Unless you have to brave a store, you can now find pretty much everything you need on an app with same-day delivery. I'll admit, when I found out about Instacart's same-day groceries delivery, I wondered if I would ever leave the house again. But it's not just food or drugstore items you can get brought right to your door anymore. MAC Cosmetics is now available on Postmates, so you can get all your makeup needs met from the comfort of your bed, without even having to wait a couple days for shipping.

MAC is the first U.S. beauty brand to have a same-day delivery option with Postmates, and it couldn't be easier to use. You just shop your faves on MAC's website, and when you get to the checkout page, you can choose the Postmates option. The delivery fee is $8, and you'll have your new makeup in two hours or less. Granted, the service is only available for shoppers within 10 miles of a freestanding MAC store, which covers more than 4,000 cities.

"We are extremely excited to launch MAC's first same-day delivery service on," Pamela Cholankeril, vice president of global omnichannel and online strategy, said in a statement shared with Allure. "This valuable service delivers on consumers' increasing interest for convenience, choice, and high-touch service across channels and MAC touchpoints."

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Getting things you order immediately is like a rush of serotonin, and it's only getting easier to make that happen. Postmates' figures have more than tripled since the coronavirus pandemic started, according to Forbes, and as it's still recommended that you limit your outside time to necessary errands only, using an app for small things is incredibly helpful.

I'm sure it won't be long until even more cosmetics brands follow suit in same-day deliveries. I mean, you can already shop Sephora products on Instacart. If you're in desperate need of a restock, MAC's Postmates service has you covered.