Lush Cosmetics' Summer Collection Means A Dozen New Products To Make Showering Fun Again

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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Courtesy of Lush Cosmetics
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Summertime and the livin' is ..way easier, more delightful, and a lot better smelling thanks to the launch of Lush Cosmetics' new Summer 2019 Collection. That's right, in a press release sent to Elite Daily the handmade cosmetics brand announced that they would be releasing 12 new summer products on Tuesday, July 16.

The dozen new products will be available on come Tuesday, July 16 and in Lush stores on Friday, July 19. And with the new drop comes one brand new Lush innovation as well as a slew of Lush's favorites and best-sellers in new and different scents.

The new launch of shower and bath products includes Jiggly Jellies, Shower Bombs, a Sleepy Soap, a Lip Scrub, and Shower Oils; Lush's brand new invention. What's more is that, in true Lush fashion, all of the products are handmade, vegan, and cruelty-free. And not to mention pretty affordable as all of Lush's new summer products are all under $20.

If you've found yourself in need of some new products to spruce up your next shower or bath, then read on for all of the products that you will be able to purchase from the brand's new summer collection.

Minamisoma Shower Oil

Lush Comsetics' brand new solid shower oil bars cleanse, smooth, and leave skin moisturized. The Minamisoma bar is packed with rapeseed and has a lemon-bergamot scent. Lush chose to include rapeseed as when the Japanese city of Minamisoma was devastated by the Tohoku earthquake in 2011, farmers replaced their ruined rice crops with the planting of rapeseed. So the brand chose to pack the bar with this nourishing oil as a way to also support the farmers of Minamisoma.

Argan Dragon Shower Oil

The solid oil bar is packed with beetroot juice, argan oil, dragon fruit powder, and poppy seeds to cleanse, scrub, and softens the skin while you shower.

Coco Loco Shower Oil

Lush's solid shower oil contains coconut cream, Brazilian orange oil, and lemongrass oil to offer a mild cleans that offers a long-lasting moisture.

Cookie Dough Lip Scrub

Lush used a combination of shea butter, toasted hazelnut, and pistachio oils for a great-tasting lip scrub that exfoliates the lips while also leaving them hydrated and protected.

Sleepy Soap

Lush's Sleepy Soap contains ylang ylang to help ease anxious feelings, while the oat milk base gives a creamy lather and kaolin clay cleanses and gently buff the skins, so you feel cleansed and relaxed.

American Cream Pressed Conditioner

American Cream is a solid conditioner bar that smells like a milkshake thanks to the infusion of vanilla, clary sage, and lavender. It can be rubbed directly onto wet hair for a concentrated moisture, or ran through wet hands to create a conditioning cream to then be applied to the hair post-shampoo.

Twilight Shower Jelly

If you prefer a light jelly texture over a hard bar of soap, then the Twilight Shower Jelly will gently cleanse your skin while also helping to put you to sleep. You simply take the jelly out of the container, get it wet, then lather on your body. The wobbly soap contains a soothing lavender oil fragrance as benzoin relaxes and soothes the mind.

Conga Shower Jelly

The Conga Shower Jelly contains blend of raspberry juice and almond milk for a fresh, fruity lather that will cleanse the skin.

Easy Peeler Naked Shower Scrub

Lush's Easy Peeler Naked Shower Scrub has a combination of juicy Sicilian mandarin, bergamot, and tangerine oils that are extracted from the peels of citrus fruits Then, the addition of granulated sugar offers a gentle scrub for glowing skin, while cocoa and shea butters offer a shot of moisture to the skin.

Aurora Borealis Naked Shower Scrub

If your shower could use a burst of color and energy then Lush's Aurora Borealis Naked Shower Scrub is infused with sugar and sea salt to gently buff the skin, while Sicilian lemon and invigorating spearmint oils come together with pineapple powder to refresh and brighten.

Comfort Zone Shower Bomb

The new Comfort Zone Shower Bomb turns into a moussey foam to cleanse and soften the skin. It contains blackcurrant absolute, bergamot, and calming cypress to allow you to mentally escape and transform your skin to a smooth, soft texture in the process.

To be of the first to get your hands on Lush's new shower products, be sure to keep an eye on Lush's website on July 16 so you can cop them as soon as they drop.

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