Lululemon's "We Made Too Much" Sale Is Back To Steal Your Money

If you don't stalk the the Lululemon “We Made Too Much” Sale tab on the regular, then you and I are two very different kinds of shoppers. Because I'm nice AF, though, I'm willing to let you know when that section of the site is particularly full of cute clothes and great deals, and spoiler alert, the time is now. The Lulu site is overflowing with discounted leggings, tops, jackets, and more, so let's cut right to the chase and start shopping, because once the stock is gone, the deals are, too.

If you've never heard of the "We Made Too Much" Sale, simply head over to the Lululemon website and hover your mouse over the Womens tab. You'll see a section called "We Made Too Much," click on it, and boom! You'll be brought to a page full of discounted items, only on sale because the company made more than they were able to sell. You know what they say: One man's trash is another man's treasure, and one store's surplus is another shopper's savings. There's obvi tons of great workout gear in the mix, but as I rework my wardrobe to transition into fall, I'm more interested in all the cool joggers and jackets on sale, plus other athleisure pieces I'm more than happy to wear outside of the gym. Read on for a few faves.

Sweatpants, But Make It Fashion


I feel like I'm so over tight jeans this season, which is why the Ready Set Cargo Pant ($79, originally $118, is a must-cop for me. The comfy, casual material is machine washable and anti-wrinkle, and the pants come in three different on-sale neutral colors, so I can work them into my weekly wardrobe tons of times without looking like an outfit repeater.

Can Rain Jackets Be Chic?


Um, apparently, the answer is yes. Exhibit A? The Into the Drizzle Jacket ($179, originally $248,, a coat I'd totally wear on a perfectly sunny day, because I think it's just that cool. Still, rainy days aren't exactly infrequent in the fall, so having a chic rain jacket is a great call. This baby comes in two colorways, and has a chest pocket that lets air in and heat out, for when you get a little hot in your autumn layers. Lifesaver!

The Day-To-Night Dress


Oh? Apparently my new favorite dress is by Lululemon? I love their leggings, but y'all, I did not see this coming. The On Repeat Dress ($109, originally $148, has the perfect name, because I fully plan to wear this baby on repeat all season long. With cute sneakers and an oversized puffer? Yes. With combat boots and a leather jacket? Sure. With tights and over-the-knee boots to the bar? You betcha. This one comes in two different shades of gray, and weirdly, I need both.

If you thought Lulu was only good for workout gear, I'm happy to have proved you wrong with the above seriously cute pieces for fall. Keep in mind that all items in the “We Made Too Much” section are final sale! With that in mind, I hereby give you permission to go forth and treat yourself.