Lucius Malfoy Tweeted A #TBT Pic With Dobby & Slammed Jeff Sessions In The Most Epic Way

by Ani Bundel
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It's a bit of fun Harry Potter lore that Jason Isaacs originally didn't want the role of Lucius Malfoy. He originally went in to read for Gilroy Lockhart and was heartily irate when they casting director pushed him into Malfoy, as he didn't want to be the villain. But since taking the job, Isaac has developed a great fondness for Malfoy. (Plus he got to be in quite a few more movies than he would have as Lockhart.) This week, he celebrated a memory of the part with Lucius Malfoy's #TBT tweet pic with Dobby from back during the filming of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

But in true Isaac style, he couldn't just make it an image of himself with the puppet stand-in for the Bravest House-Elf we ever knew. Fans of Isaacs who follow him on Twitter know that the actor is outspoken and opinionated. (He got into a fight with William Shatner on Twitter not too long ago over Star Trek when he was cast in Discovery, for example.) His Throwback Thursday tweet also took a swipe at one of the most hated villains of American politics. No, not Trump. Whatever you think about our 45th president, he would never be mistaken for a House-Elf.

His Attorney General Jeff Sessions, on the other hand, gets compared to an elf all the time, and not always in the kindliest of manners. Isaacs comparison wasn't all that flattering either, for that matter.

Check out the tweet:

Fans were at first insulted that Isaacs does not recall his Potter history properly. As Potter fans know, Lucius was merely tricked out of his House-Elf servant by accidentally presenting Dobby with a sock. Malfoy was mad, but he didn't kill the poor creature. That was his sister-in-law, Bellatrix.

Other pointed out that Isaacs' comparison was simply incorrect. Dobby and Sessions are both elves, but one looks far more distinguished when he was named Time's Person of The Year (well, Elf Of The Year) in 1998.

Others were very worried about Dobby's well being during the filming of Chamber of Secrets, considering Isaac's physical state in the image.

Others thought this comparison was simply highly insulting to the brave House-Elf.

Others simply cried that Dobby's memory did not need to be resurrected in such a manner.

Some allowed that Session might in fact count as one of Trump's House-Elves, but that when it comes to doing the work, he didn't compare.

Others pointed out Sessions is not House-Elf material, and considering him as such is an insult to all House-Elves everywhere.

Others declared this tweet to be FAKE NEWS. (Because there's always one, isn't there?)

And a few just needed to make sure that Dobby and Sessions weren't actually the same person.

(They're not. Dobby was played by the great British actor Toby Jones, who looks nothing like Sessions.)


(See? Nothing like him.)

We should point out that even though Jason Isaacs tweet is hilarious, he isn't the first to make the comparison.

Inspired by Isaacs' tweet, someone started recasting the entire administration with the worst of the Harry Potter character pantheon. Somehow I don't think that J.K. Rowling would disapprove.

Others see Trump as Voldemort and make the comparisons regularly.

But if Trump is Voldemort, Umbridge is the Press Secretary, and the Death Eaters are his cabinet, that would make his Attorney General... Lucius Malfoy.

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Awk. Ward.

Perhaps Jason Isaacs is merely attempting to distract us with fake news after all. Either way, I think we can all agree he should leave Dobby alone.