Jessica From 'Love Is Blind' Moved On From Mark With A Bilingual Doctor

by Candice Jalili

Remember everybody's favorite reality dating show of 2020? Love Is Blind's Jessica Batten has a new boyfriend and I'm honestly so happy for her. ICYMI: Batten was made out to be the villain on Love Is Blind and was the subject of endless Twitter chatter for two reasons: refusing to get over the fact that she was 34 and the fiancé she met in the pods, Mark Cuevas, was 24... and feeding her dog wine. But, luckily, it appears as though Batten has moved on and found love along the way!

On the Fourth of July, Batten posted a carousel of two images of herself and a new man, Dr. Benjamin McGrath.

She wrote in the caption:

Happy Fourth! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
Freedom isn't free. I'm thankful to be able to follow my heart and choose my own happiness. I hope you all do the same!!!
For those who have asked, this is why I would do it all over again ☀️ 🌈Can't wait to share some of our adventures...

According to his profile, McGrath is a California-based foot and ankle surgeon who is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. He also appears to be a loving father to two adorable young kids.

Many of Batten's Love Is Blind co-stars chimed in with their messages of support in the comments section of her post. Kelly Chase wrote, "YAY!!! Hehe! Loved meeting him last weekend! Great Guy Jess!! So so happy for you!!!❤️❤️" Diamond Jack kept her comment simple, writing, "👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Gorgeous." Jack's ex fiancé Carlton Morton also wrote in saying, "Aww! Love this! Congratulations and blessings! You deserve all of the happiness! 💙." Finally, Lauren "LC" Chamblin wrote, "Loooovvving this 💖."

Months after the hit show made its Netflix debut, it came out that Cuevas was reportedly sleeping with other women at the fitness studio he worked at while the show was filmed. (Cuevas did not respond to Elite Daily's request for comment on those claims.) Apparently Batten even knew about one of the women:

In May, Cuevas started casually dating Chamblin, but that came screeching to a halt when a Reddit user claimed Cuevas was apparently also dating another woman in Ohio.

It looks LC and Mark started dating in May. However, she wrote online, "This is awkward because I live in Atlanta and I've been dating Mark," Chamblin commented on the post. "I definitely just broke it off with Mark so I really do appreciate you posting this and saving me the energy on dating another liar."

Oof. I'm honestly happy Batten was able to find love outside of this messy world.