Logic Made A Major Statement About Immigration With His Powerful VMAs Performance

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One year after his stunning performance of the hit single "1-800-273-8255," our ears were once again blessed by another VMAs performance from Logic — except this time, he performed his new song “One Day” with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. When he took to the stage, Logic's 2018 VMAs performance was filled with political commentary, and had everybody at the edge of their seats. He put on a show filled with gripping emotion, lots of hugging dancers, and a shirt that literally read "F*ck The Wall." Is this guy capable of not making a statement and warming our hearts? The audience lingered on every word, not just because they love his music, but also because they know the artist has recently been through a heartbreak of his own.

Back in March, Logic and his former wife Jessica Andrea announced they were ending their marriage of two years. The 28-year-old artist posted a statement on Twitter, sharing that while he and Andrea still love and respect one another, the two have agreed that they're better off as friends. "After two years of marriage, we have come to the loving conclusion that we are much better as friends," the statement read. "There are no sides, there is just us. Two people who loved each other in marriage and will continue to love each other for the rest of our lives." Then, in April, TMZ was first to report that Logic has officially filed for divorce from Andrea.

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While the former couple, who married quite young, still seem to have all the admiration in the world for each other, ending a long-term relationship so publicly must be incredibly difficult. The two have never been shy about their relationship, posting heartfelt notes and pictures to social media throughout their time together. Plus, while the joint statement claimed that their separation was mutual, HotNewHipHop reported in March that it was Logic who sat down with Andrea and apparently proposed the split. "His wishes came as a complete surprise to Jessica, who was reportedly 'shocked' and 'devastated,'" the site said. This was shortly after the couple attended the Grammys in February, seemingly in great spirits.

So how is Logic doing post-split? The truth may lie between the lines of the lyrics to his new hit song "One Day." The message behind the song is a hopeful one: Logic raps about one day being at the top of his game and truly feeling OK again. And if the lyrics, "Yeah, feelin' just like I'm at mass / Yeah, I'm comin' for that ass," are any indication, Logic is indeed beginning to move on.

However, Logic's VMAs performance was in no way centered on his love life, but rather his love of country — specifically his stance on immigration. In what appeared to be an attempt to speak out against President Donald Trump’s policies at the border, Logic brought dozens of advocates for immigrants’ rights up on stage with him, as well as people who'd been displaced by President Trump’s zero-tolerance immigration policies at the border. As the performers and participants embraced, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. The bold set once again proved that music and politics are truly interconnected — once again, Logic has made his fans and followers proud.

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As for Logic's split from Andrea, breakups are, of course, always difficult; it isn't easy letting go of years of memories, chemistry, and experiences. But love doesn't magically fade away, and one thing's for sure: Logic is still very much full of love, whether that's for his fans, his country, his fellow musicians, and even his former wife. And after that incredible 2018 VMAs performance, it's safe to say we love him right back.

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