BRB, Crying Because Lizzo Wants To Collab With BTS

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When you think of artists that promote messages about loving yourself, who do you think of? For me, the first two that immediately come to mind are Lizzo and BTS. I mean, BTS literally has three albums with "Love Yourself" in the title that come with self-love anthems like "Epiphany" and "Answer: Love Myself." Meanwhile, Lizzo's Cuz I Love You album is filled with songs about loving yourself and having confidence in who you are. I imagined the possibility of a BTS and Lizzo collab before, but I didn't think it would actually happen because it would just be too good to be true, right? But now Lizzo's tweet about a BTS collaboration has fans seriously considering the idea.

How did the possibility of a Lizzo and BTS collaboration come up? It's all thanks to one brave member of the BTS ARMY who decided to just come right out and ask Lizzo to collaborate with the group. On Monday, Oct. 7, a fan tweeted Lizzo, "lizzo collab bts????" I didn't actually expect Lizzo to respond, but she did, and I'm so happy because she tweeted back, "Yes please."

Take a look at this brilliant interaction below.


If you know Lizzo, you know that she's not playing around when she says she wants to collab with BTS because she previously expressed interest in the group before. Actually, for the past few months, a video mashing together Lizzo and BTS went viral. The fan-made video involves BTS dancing to Lizzo's "Juice." They didn't actually dance to a Lizzo song, but a fan edited BTS' Saturday Night Live performance to make it look like they did. Check it out below:

Fans only had one question when they saw the clip: Why does it fit so well? Uh, maybe because a collab between BTS and Lizzo is meant to be, duh! Lizzo saw the video, and she loved it. She tweeted, "OMG IF @bts_bighit SEES THIS IMMA FLIP OUT #BTSARMY ?!?!"

Then, on Aug. 29, CBS Music uploaded a video of Lizzo listening to BTS' "Boy With Luv" and she was totally blown away. Lizzo was jamming mad hard to "Boy With Luv," I tell you. She yelled out, "This [song] is making me excited in a lot of weird ways." (Same, Lizzo.) She also couldn't believe BTS can sing and rap (two things Lizzo also does, which makes the possibility of a collab that much more perfect).

In the video, Lizzo also said, "If I could collaborate with BTS, I mean that sounds fun." It was literally the first thing Lizzo said in the video, so hear her say it below!

Do you see that? All the pieces are coming together. Lizzo has said time and time again that she loves BTS and wants to collaborate with them, so now it's your move, BTS. Please do us a favor and collab with Lizzo, pretty please?

If they don't collab, it's totally understandable. I mean, both Lizzo and BTS are two of the biggest artists of 2019 and I bet they're both busy AF, but still, a collab would be amazing, wouldn't it?

And get this: BTS and Lizzo are both performing at the Dec. 6 Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles, which means there's a huge possibility of the two meeting up. BTS ARMY and Lizzbians, cross your fingers for a BTS and Lizzo interaction, and maybe, just maybe a chat about making this dream collab happen? That would be so awesome!