Lizzo's fly on Pence's head Halloween costume is a hilarious take on politics.

Lizzo Dressed As A Sexy Version Of The Fly On Mike Pence’s Head For Halloween

Leon Bennett/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo went all out for Halloween, and she came up with an extremely topical costume. The "Juice" singer decided to take on a political, satirical, and sexy vibe all at once. TBH Lizzo's fly on Pence's head Halloween costume is some pretty timely comedy, but it's also a call to vote.

ICYMI, Vice President Mike Pence had a very awkward fly moment during the Oct. 7 vice presidential debate, and Twitter quickly began making a meme out of it. With Election Day coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 3 and the meme still relevant, Lizzo decided she'd dress up as ~the~ fly that took up residency on the VP's head. And of course, in the grand Halloween tradition of adding a sultry twist to costumes, Lizzo gave her version of the fly a sexy twist.

On Friday, Oct. 31, Lizzo uploaded a thread of photos showcasing her fly costume, captioning it, "FLYYYYY AF !" The outfit featured a metallic gray textured bra with "Vote" buttons on it, which were attached to a PVC bodysuit. She also sported white mule heels, black crepe-textured fly wings, and an iridescent headband for the eyes. In her first photo, she's kneeling with her hands folded in front of her showing off the ensemble. The second photo in the thread is a picture of Pence's head with Lizzo superimposed on top of it.

The singer also posted two videos of the costume, one that showed her dancing around Pence's head, and another that showed the portion of the debate when a fly landed on his head. She captioned the second one, "I voted for Biden."

Her videos featured a green screen projection and a lot of groovy moves.

The fly moment at the VP debate totally stole the show on Twitter. When the fly landed, there were only about 10 minutes left to the debate, and the insect didn't leave from Pence's head until over two minutes had passed. The fly came during one of the most significant moments of the debate as the vice president discussed his views on racial injustice, including a denial that systemic racing in the U.S. justice system exists.

Pence said, "This presumption that you hear consistently from [Biden and Harris] that America is systemically racist ... is a great insult to the men and women who serve in law enforcement."


Twitter was literally losing it over the timing of the fly, as well as the length of time it camped out on Pence's head. The timing of the fly's appearance as the two vice presidential candidates discussed systemic racism was a huge topic on social media, aside from the humor of it alone. Now users are reacting to Lizzo's costume, too:

The topical costume was a win on Twitter. But the question is, how is Lizzo going to come up with a better costume for 2021?