Liza Koshy in Rocket Mortgage.

Liza Koshy Made A Cameo In A Super Bowl Commercial & You Might've Missed It

Rocket Mortgage

It wouldn't be a Super Bowl without commercials filled with celebrity appearances. Sometimes, though, their roles are so brief that you don't even realize they showed up until later. That was definitely the case with Liza Koshy's cameo in the Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl ad, which was so quick you might've completely missed it.

The ad followed Tracy Morgan as he encountered a family who were only "pretty sure" they can afford a new house. To help them make up their minds, the comedian took them through a range of scenarios he was only "pretty sure" seemed safe, only to end in disaster (such as running from a bear or eating a potentially poisonous mushroom).

At one point, Morgan told the family patriarch, "I'm pretty sure you could take [Dave] Bautista down." Cut to a scene of the dad and wrestler-turned-actor Bautista fighting in a match. Then, Koshy appeared filming them from the sidelines and said, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure this is trending."

The media personality, whose YouTube account currently has over 17 million subscribers, is certainly no stranger to getting something trending. She appeared in the 2020 Netflix comedy Work It, but this is her most recent acting role.

Koshy celebrated her appearance in the Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl ad in an Instagram video on Friday, Feb. 5. It features her and Morgan practicing their selfie poses in a popular TikTok trend. When they were prompted to flash their modeling faces, though, Morgan pushed Koshy's face away from the camera and strutted away as runway music played.

The YouTuber captioned the post, "Only one model was harmed in the making of this video...and im fine now • coming Sunday... @tracymorgan@rocketmortgage 🏈."

It's clear that Koshy, who has been a social media star since she went viral on the now-defunct platform Vine, is busy turning her success into acting fame. She has big things on the horizon, too. In December 2020, she signed a deal to develop movies and shows with Westbrook Inc., Jada Pinkett and Will Smith's media company. It seems like Koshy's appearance in a Super Bowl ad marks the start of a big year in Hollywood.