You Can Get A Pepperoni Pizza & Pepsi For $4 With Little Caesars’ Lunch Deal

IMHO, here's no better way to get over the mid-week hump and celebrate the fact that you're that much closer to the weekend than by treating yourself to some 'za. So, when I heard about Little Caesars’ $4 lunch combo with pepperoni pizza (which comes with a refreshing bottle of Pepsi), I knew I had my lunch plans figured out for the rest of the week. If you're looking for a quick and easy meal that won't cost you too much dough, this Detroit-style pizza promo has got you covered.

According to a press release shared on Tuesday, March 26, the pizza chain — which is known for its "hot 'n ready" pies — revealed that it's making its popular $5 lunch combo even more value-friendly. For a limited time, hungry customers can get four slices of the restaurant's pepperoni Detroit-style style pizza plus a 20-ounce bottle of Pepsi, all for just $4.

While I'm a big fan of Chicago-style deep dish pizza, the similar Detroit-style pizza also has a place in my heart (or rather, stomach). If you hadn't had it before, you can expect a rectangular pie with a crispy, cheesy-encrusted deep dish crust. With the classic combinations of gooey mozzarella cheese and savory pepperoni, Little Caesars' Deep, Deep Dish Pizza promises to serve up serious value and flavor while making sure you don't head back to the office hungry.

TBH, depending on your appetite, you might not even be able to finish all of the four giant pepperoni squares in one sitting. If that's the case, you could have some leftovers to bring home to accompany dinner or as a midnight snack, depending on what floats your boat.

In other words, Little Caesars' $4 lunch promo is an incredible deal on what's sure to be a filling and satisfying lunch, and I'm so here for it.

Edward Gleich, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Little Caesars, said in a press release:

For the hardworking lunch crowd, it is possible to have both quality and convenience without breaking the bank. The $4 Lunch Combo will fill you up and maybe even leave you with leftovers at a price that can't be beat.

Anytime from Monday to Friday, you can head to your closest Little Caesars' location to take advantage of this tasty deal during lunch hour (11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time, per the press release). One of the things that I love about Little Caesars' is that all their Detroit-style slices are hot 'n ready for pick-up, meaning you don't have to waste precious moments of your lunch hour waiting for them to bake and put together your pizza.

Simply grab a box of pepperoni pizza and your 20-ounce Pepsi, and spend the rest of your allotted lunch time online shopping, browsing flights, or scrolling through Instagram to your heart's desire.

Again, this $4 pepperoni pizza promo is only going on for a limited time at participating Little Caesars' locations in the U.S., so I'd grab your lunch crew and start cementing those lunch plans for the rest of the week.