Lindsay Lohan Clapped Back At People Mocking Her Taylor Swift Comments

Cindy Ord/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan's social media is something else. The Mean Girls actress, who is apparently a Taylor Swift fan, took to the comments section of Swift's Instagram live announcing her upcoming album, Lover. On June 13, Swift announced to her loyal band of followers in a 10-minute Instagram live that her new album, Lover, is coming out Aug. 23, and she announced the impending arrival of "You Need To Calm Down," which debuted on June 14. Lohan slid into the comments of the video, and Swift fans couldn't get over them. But now, Lindsay Lohan's response to people mocking her Taylor Swift comments are making things a bit awkward.

During Swift's June 13 IG live, fans were surprised to see Lohan pop into the comments of the video a few times. She first popped in telling the singer how big of a fan she is.

“Omg love you! So does my sis @alianalohan,” Lohan said in her first comment.

“We think you’re great," she added in her next one.

Things got a bit weird when she said, "You should respond!" When I first saw that comment, I dead*ss thought Lohan was pressing Swift to respond to her own comment, but then Lohan came back with another comment to clarify.

"To your fans!” she said. I find it a bit weird that Lohan is telling Swift what to do with her own fans on her own Instagram Live, but here we are. Let's move on to the best comment Lohan made in this thread.

“My mom was in cats," she said. LOL. How random?!

Swift, of course, is part of the cast of the Cats film, so I guess that's how that's relevant. But did Lohan think that would make Swift respond to her comments? Lindsay, honey, you are a random delight.

While her comments were definitely random AF, she was kind of brutally trolled by Swifties for it.

Y'all didn't have to troll her that much! It's for sure a comedic situation — "my mom was in Cats" is a line for the ages — but Lohan was just fangirling like the best of us. Which is why she didn't take the trolling too kindly.

She posted a particularly meme-y picture of her younger self in The Parent Trap to her Instagram and said,

Back off meanies! I love @taylorswift and all her records 👑

Lohan has since deleted the Instagram, but not before people could get screenshots.

Just for the sake of clarifying, Swift hasn't responded to any of Lohan's comments (publicly, at least... who knows what happens in the DMs of celebrities?).

With a new 18-track album coming out in August, Lohan and the rest of the Swifties have a lot to be excited about. Swift provided a lot of info about the album in that Instagram Live Lohan commented on. She revealed, for example, that the songs on Lover are all super romantic. She noted, though, that the songs being romantic doesn't mean they all have to be love songs — stories of painful memories can be told through a romantic lens. But safe to say that Lindsay Lohan is pumped for Lover to drop.