Lin-Manuel Miranda’s unreleased ‘Hamilton’ song “I Have This Friend” is a surprise release, so liste...

Listen To The Never-Before-Heard ‘Hamilton’ Track That Lin-Manuel Miranda Finally Shared

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Anyone in need of a new bop can thank Lin-Manuel Miranda for his release of a never-before-heard track shared along with some encouraging words. Apparently, Miranda had a song he'd originally written for Hamilton that never made it into the show, as it often goes when creating works of art. But now, you can listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda's unreleased Hamilton song, "I Have This Friend," and it's the surprise tune you didn't know you needed.

The creator of Hamilton: An American Musical took to Twitter to address the coronavirus pandemic on Thursday, March 12, posting a nice message and an unreleased track called "I Have This Friend." He wrote, "Wish I could send you peace of mind via this app," continuing, "Alas. But I can send you music no one's heard. Here's a cut Hamilton/Washington tune."

Miranda said, "This was my first draft of the song before 'The Reynolds Pamphlet,'" revealing that he didn't really show it to anyone, perhaps not even Hamilton's director, Tommy Kail. Miranda concluded his post by telling fans exactly in the show the song was meant to go: "It would go where 'Hurricane' is now. Stay safe out there. Love you."

Musical theater and mainstream pop culture stans alike share a strong love for Hamilton, so an unreleased track from the Broadway show is like gold. "I Have This Friend" is available to stream on SoundCloud, and the track is calling for a listen.

"I Have This Friend" opens with the spoken words, "Mr. President, do you have a minute?" From there, it goes into a steady percussion and some light piano. In the song, Hamilton talks to Washington about "this friend." Considering the song was meant to be where "Hurricane" is now, and he created it before he drafted "The Reynolds Pamphlet," the song is clearly Hamilton referring to himself, instead of an actual friend of his. And in the lyrics, it's clear that Washington realizes that too, because he asks, "How can I help you?" Hamilton sings, "Not me, this friend. It's a friend," clearly insisting it's someone else he needs advice for. You'll need to listen for yourself to get the idea of how this would fit in with the rest of the songs.

The tune is somehow mellow while retaining a catchy pop sound, and it's definitely a must-listen for fans of Miranda's work. To date, Hamilton: An American Musical won a Grammy for the Best Musical Theater Album, a Pulitzer Prize for Drama, and a whopping 11 Tony Awards.

Miranda's song gives people a lot to celebrate, as will the summer 2020 release of his musical movie, In The Heights, based on his original Broadway musical of the same name. The long-awaited movie is scheduled to hit theaters on Friday, June 26.

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Meanwhile, Hamilton is also getting its own movie version. Coming to theaters in October 2021, with its original cast, and original stage, so if you were one of the many who wasn't able to score tickets to the Broadway musical, you're in luck.

Hamilton stans can hear Miranda's unreleased track, "I Have This Friend," on SoundCloud now.