Lili Reinhart Joked About Date Nights With Cole Sprouse In The Most Sensual Way

by Candice Jalili
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As a normal non-famous person who's currently in a relationship with another normal non-famous person, I don't have a whole lot of insight on what celeb relationships look like behind closed doors. Do they cook dinner and watch Netflix on the couch like we do?! Sounds unlikely. But Lili Reinhart's quote about date nights with Cole Sprouse leads me to believe stars really might be just like us... well, sort of.

All right, let me give you some backstory before we get into her hilariously sexy tweet.

It all started when Reinhart posted an adorable tweet about her relationship with Sprouse. In the tweet she wrote, "Fashion week is great and all, but have you ever spent a rainy weekend inside cuddled up with your bae?" I've never been to Fashion Week so can't necessarily attest to how the two compare but, as someone who has cuddled with her bae inside on a rainy day, I can definitely confirm that it rules.

While I found Reinhart's tweet to be adorable, not everyone seemed to agree. In particular, Twitter user @emunfortunately sent it over to her friend, Twitter user @averyrosexxx.

"How come this cringey b*tch gets to date cole but i dont," @emunfortunately wrote to @averyrosexxx in a direct message. "She is so 2013 tumblr," @averyrosexxx responded. "She probably tells him to touch her butt and buy her pizza."

OK, I'll admit it. The 2013 burn made me chuckle. (I don't agree, but it gave me a giggle.) Apparently, it also gave @emunfortunately a pretty big laugh because she decided to screenshot the conversation and post it on Twitter along with the caption "the scoop @lilireinhart." Yes, that's right. She tagged Reinhart in the tweet.

I'm sure @emunfortunately never expected the A-list star to actually see her tweet, but, boy oh boy, was she wrong. Reinhart did, in fact, see the tweet and decided to acknowledge it with pretty much the best clapback ever.

"No no... I tell him to touch me ~everywhere~ and then we eat Chinese food," she wrote in the tweet. "Get your facts straight, Emily."

OMG, OMG, OMG, are you freaking out as much as I am? Because that was unreal. Like, I think we need to take a second to unpack this.

First and foremost, she did a magnificent job of establishing that her boyfriend clearly is into her. The reason she "gets" to date Sprouse is because they love each other. That's it. And furthermore, she has the privilege of letting him touch her everywhere — hot.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Next, she added that they eat Chinese food after he's done touching her everywhere which highlights the fact that they're a normal couple, despite being famous.

And, finally, she personally calls out Emily by telling her to get her facts straight. A truly magnificent clap back.

I really hope Reinhart and Sprouse are lounging on the couch watching shows eating dumplings, LOLing about this whole ordeal.

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