Lili Reinhart Looks TOTALLY Different (But Just As Stunning) With Her Natural Curls

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Because Lili Reinhart's rise to fame is so heavily tethered to her role as Betty Cooper on Riverdale, I often tend to associate Betty's personal style with Lili's, even though IRL, Reinhart's look is totally different. Betty Cooper is always prim and proper, with a never-wrinkled cardigan and a perfectly slicked-back ponytail, while Reinhart is definitely more relaxed, with a trendier sense of style and perfectly-imperfect tousled strands. Still, I always imagine her with her Betty Cooper pony, so when I saw Lili Reinhart's curly hair on Instagram this week, I was shook to see her claim it was her natural texture. How did I not know she was a curly girl? And more importantly, why doesn't she show it off, like, every single day? If my hair looked this good on its own, I certainly would.

If you don't follow Reinhart on Instagram, it's high time you start, because nobody keeps it as real as she does, and she's one of my fave celebs to Insta-stalk. That said, I didn't expect her to grace us with an Instagram Story showing off her gorgeous curls out of nowhere, but a few days ago, she did exactly that. "Literally no curling iron used," Reinhart wrote alongside the curly-headed selfie. "This is my natural curl, finessed to perfection by @brycescarlett."

Bryce Scarlett, are you a hairstylist or an actual angel from hair heaven?

Lili Reinhart/Instagram

Reinhart isn't Scarlett's only famous blonde client, though. Margot Robbie, Brie Larson, and Gigi Hadid all turn to him for their strands! I'm loving that Reinhart trusted him to ~finesse~ her curls, as she phrases it, and he really nailed the look. Coiffed to perfection, I daresay! Fingers crossed he drops a tutorial on what tools and products he used to get the look.

For the most part, Reinhart keeps her strands fairly straight, with just a hint of tousled, messy wave:

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She also loves a messy bouffant style, which is a far cry from Betty Cooper's overly-smooth ponytail:

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TBH, I scrolled back pretty far on Reinhart's 'Gram, and I couldn't find a single picture of her naturally curly strands. Lili, why are you hiding them? They couldn't be lovelier.

The closest Reinhart has come to debuting her curls was the Marie Antoinette-inspired updo she wore to the 2019 Met Gala:

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Funnily enough, Reinhart isn't the only celeb I assumed had straight hair until they showed off their curls on social media. Halsey is another curly girl who looks incredible when she rocks her natural strands.

She's tried every color, cut, and style I can think of...

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...But her natural curly texture is my favorite, by far:

Ariana Grande is another great example, known for her signature straight ponytail extension...

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...But her real strands are super curly, as she reminded fans on Twitter:

So good! Can I petition to make 2019 the year these celebs go curly full-time? They all look incredible. In fact, I need an episode of Riverdale in which Dark Betty opts for some wild, sexy curls instead of a dark wig. @ Riverdale writers, what do you think?