Lili Reinhart stars in the 'Chemical Hearts' trailer.

Lili Reinhart's 'Chemical Hearts' Trailer Is Perfect For Bughead Stans

Amazon Prime Video

The tortured teen romance between Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones on Riverdale has amassed a ton of devoted fans, and Lili Reinhart is delivering a similar dark love story in her upcoming movie. Reinhart stars as the misunderstood, closed-off new girl Grace Town in Amzon Prime Video's Chemical Hearts, and the newly released trailer gives fans a first look at the teen drama. For Bughead shippers, Lili Reinhart's Chemical Hearts trailer will tap into a familiar mood.

Adapted from Krystal Sutherland's 2016 YA novel Our Chemical Hearts, the upcoming movie centers on the complicated love story of high school seniors Henry Page and Grace Town. Henry is a hopeless romantic trying to find his great romance, and he thinks he may have finally found it when Grace transfers to his school. The two are paired together as co-editors of the school paper and learn each other's secrets.

In the book, Grace is described as hiding in baggy men's clothing without much regard for her appearance, and although Grace's wardrobe is totally different from Betty Cooper's preppy looks, the two characters do seem to share a lot in common. Much like Betty and Jughead, Grace and Henry bond over their work at the school paper. They also both seem to see themselves as outcasts, and TBH, Henry gives off the same mood as Jughead's iconic "I'm a weirdo" speech when he claims his parents can't understand his relationship issues in the trailer.

Of course, Chemical Hearts is sure to be a much more grounded, realistic teen romance than anything depicted on Riverdale, but it's still hard to ignore the obvious comparisons between Grace and Henry's outcast love and Bughead's intense connection.

If the actor playing Henry looks familiar, that's because he is also in one of the biggest teen shows of the moment. Austin Abrams recurred on Euphoria as Ethan, and he's also had standout roles in This Is Us and The Walking Dead. Plus, he's a veteran of YA romance adaptations already, having starred in the 2015 adaptation of John Green's Paper Towns.

For her part, Reinhart is not only starring in Chemical Hearts, but she also executive-produced it. The movie is her second major motion picture release since her breakout Riverdale role, following her part in last year's Hustlers. Chemical Hearts will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on Aug. 21.